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Ceza: So Inara, the eternal question, what do you prefer on a man... boxers or briefs and why?


Inara: What? Is that a sort of armor?


Ceza: What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?


Inara: A fun little drink called Sensate's Ride. Usually one can only find it on the planes, though a rare blood here has known how to make it. As for why...it's beyond description. You'll have to try it yourself.

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Xander(my PC): Do you Prefer Heroic and honorable men or right evil bastards?


Inara: I prefer a man whose company I enjoy, and that can mean any number of things. I've spent time with very cruel men, and very noble ones. All have had their own redeeming qualities as well as damning vices. I judge them for myself, through the time I devote to them. Societal tags such as 'heroic' or 'evil' matter little to me.


Xander: How do you feel about being Rescued by a Paladin Lord from the Prime?


Inara: I suppose if I was foolish enough to get in a spot where I needed rescuing, I wouldn't whine over it. But he'd best not expect anything in return for his trouble.


Xander: Do you like my Casomyr +6?


Inara: Ah, yes...a very nice weapon. Could use a little touching up, I think. It appears it's been used often, which comes as no surprise, considering its imposing owner. *Wink* I have a friend who could work on it some. Shall we strike a deal?

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Dante Ebonhand: It is...refreshing...to meet someone with a firm grasp of the concepts of power and ambition. Tell me, what is the one thing you want more than anything in the world?


Inara: More than anything in the world? A loaded question, I think. And there's still much we have to learn about each other before we should start divulging powerful secrets. Besides, I've found that any sort of consuming desire can be a hindrance. That's not to say I don't have some regardless. I am only mortal. I will say, however, that so long as I am able to get what I want at the moment, I am content. But it never lasts.

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Dante Ebonhand: Clever...you recognize a trick question when you see one. A better question, to examine if we are truly of like minds. Would you sieze the opportunity to become immortal? Perhaps a god?


Inara: Seize? You ask if I would act impulsively if given the chance, for my own personal gain? Normally, I like to plan and calculate my actions. Ha! No, I do...*snort* Really...


In seriousness, this business of godhood... It seems to be overblown in the prime, something distant and unfamiliar and thus something to be feared and coveted. Yes, it brings power, but it also brings responsibility. Who needs more of that? And even the gods are not immune to troubles and conflict. To thrust myself into such a situation blindly would be to submit myself, unprepared, to a highly public position with no shortage of foes...


So, yes, I admit, I am intrigued by the thrill of it.


But... I have other issues to consider. The power of a god might serve me in those, it might not. Perhaps it would be easier if I just flipped a coin and dealt with the results, yes? Heh.

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Aklon: I have a question that has been asked of your sister, but not you. Do you find that your ancestry causes problems for you? Your profession has, no doubt, earned you some dubious looks in your time, but do you find that your race makes those looks worse or do people tend to find your profession the worst aspect of your... appearance. I understand that the planes will have a different opinion than the prime so answer for either, or both, as you will.


Inara: I held no position of note in Sigil, and during my time there I was little more than another bastard waif wandering the alleyways, so I was afforded attention as such.


As for the prime, my heritage has made me stand out. But differently in different situations. For my work, any good rogue knows to gauge his opponent practically and in all respects, so sometimes my race only served to make fellow thieves more attentive.


In general...people are either unnerved, interested, angry, frightened, indifferent...probably not much different than what any individual deals with when they’re in a setting unfamiliar to them, or unfamiliar to the setting around them. I’ve found both my profession and heritage combine to get a more powerful, but typical, reaction. There are no certainties, however. On the whole I’m neither surprised or interested in how the general populace reacts to me, so long as it keeps its distance.


Though...that does not apply to all...Aklon, was it?

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Dashael: I've discussed this at length with a couple of other individuals in similar interview threads as this, but from your perspective, do you find frequent plane travellers more arogant than those who only reside on any one particular prime world? I mean when a planewalker arrives on a prime world, don't you think many of them look down their noses at the Primes?


Inara: I’ve learned that power is linked to knowledge and experience, so it makes sense that a traveled planewalker might hold himself higher around primes, as a traveled prime would among those who’ve lived in a single town their entire lives. Perhaps it just depends on the person; How insecure, how foolish, or how confident they are.


But let them act the cock, if they like. Either way, prime or planewalker, if you look down your nose at a blood more powerful, you’ll get what’s coming to you.

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Urborg Vengrath: What is your favorite colour?


Inara: I don’t really have one. I’ve seen beauty in all hues, and I prefer variety anyway.


Urborg Vengrath: What would you do to save/protect something or someone you hold dear?


Inara: Quite a lot.


Urborg Vengrath: What, in your opinion, is the greatest flaw in life?


Inara: Life. A circular and annoying answer? Maybe so... But I’ve found it fits well. And I also don't feel like pondering on it right now.


Urborg Vengrath: On a purely superficial level, which sterotype of the opposite gender would your prefur to socialize with: tall, dark, and handsome or blonde hairred, blue eye, hunk?


Inara: I don’t really have a preference. Whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. But yes, both of those sound...nice.


Urborg Vengrath: If you had the chance to make a world encompassing change that would prove beneficial to everyone but you had to do something horrific on the same scale to achieve this result, would you do it?


Inara: Sure, why not? Are you going to buy me a drink anytime soon or shall I die of thirst first?


Urborg Vengrath: Can a person love another individual too much?


Inara: I’ve seen people act like fools for another person, confound themselves and their lover and end up in a world of pain for naught but a short time of passion. If what you mean by too much love is someone letting themselves be completely controlled by the object of their obsession, then...it's possible.


Urborg Vengrath: What is the differaince between love and lust?


Inara: Self-deception.


Urborg Vengrath: Would you mind if I bought you a drink after you are finished with your interview?


Inara: I thought you’d never ask, pet. Perhaps we can have another interview later, if you like. *Wink*

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Urborg Vengrath: What would you like to drink?


Inara: Ale will do.


Urborg Vengrath: You look well travelled. What skills have you earned for yourself?


Inara: I'm fair with the sword and the rogue's trade, well enough to take care of myself. Much of my strength also comes from my contacts. They're generally very compliant in aiding me when I request it. I suppose I have a skilled tongue...


Urborg Vengrath: Have you ever put a price on your skills?


Inara: A standard fee is not always practical in my line of work. But yes, I rarely do anything for free. Especially when some don't mind overpaying. Or I assume they don't, when they don't object to my overcharging. Though the price is not always in gold.


Urborg Vengrath: Care for another round of drinks?


Inara: It will be my pleasure.



Inara gives Urborg a long, complacent look before bestowing a wink and a smirk.

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Loké: Leather or rubber?


Seriously though, what do you prefer- revealing clothes or modest ones? I met this human thief who, shall we say, liked showing off.


Inara: I'm not partial to clothing, unless it serves a useful purpose, so whatever's most practical. If being practical means seduction is involved, or alternately a coquettish air, then I've no qualms with dressing appropriately for either. ... I prefer the former.


Normally I wear something fitting, but unrestrictive, and flattering.


But I've been persuaded before to broaden my horizons...

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Delainy: *grins* "Darn, so no chance of you settling down somewhere in a nice, warm den somewhere, a harem of men fanning you and catering to your every whim?"


Inara: What? Who said there wasn't a chance for that again? Keli?


*Wink* Sounds nice, but it wouldn't be a good idea at the moment. Well... Perhaps one night.

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