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I am in the process of learning how to create an entire addition to the BG2 ToB world.

I want to create a few extra areas, expand the ToB map, add multiple creatures and people to interact with (peasants, commoners, and such).


However, I have hit a few snags. Seeing as how BG2 is getting old, not many sites are still functional with the tools I need. Most of the tutorials I have seen require a certian program, but its not out there.


These are my questions as of now.


1. What size should a bitmap image of the area I want to add to explore be?

2. Where do I go to get the IE Creature Editor (all tuts I have to create creatures

require it, but all sites that have it seem to be down)

3. I created several items using Cromwells Smithy Item Editor. What do I have to

do to put these items on a second computer? just copy the .itm for that file and

the file that the item description is written to, or is it much, much, much more

complicated than that?

4. Any tips on designing areas? Like, how do I make "grass" look like the grass

currently in the game?


The reason I'm interested in creating an 'expansion' for the game is to have fun. Of course, I'm a nerd, so I find this kind of thing fun.


If all goes well, I will try to make it available to others. Of course, I don't expect to create something of this magnitude in a week, more like a year.


Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I can help for number 3 at least: Once you've created the item, you can just drop it into the Override folder and the game will be able to use it, but you'll need to use a program like ShadowKeeper to add it to a character's inventory. If you want it to be able to be found, you'll have to edit a store, monster, NPC or area container so that it appears for purchase or discovery.


I also know that some of the old Team BG tools can be found somewhere, but the location escapes me at the moment.


For some of these, our tutorial section might provide some extra help, but some more knowledeable people might poke their heads in to have a look and give you some more help in a bit. :p

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Visit HERE and download DLTCEP, it can do a lot of the things you want in one tool.


Download NI for browsing the games files.


For areas you can use IETME or DLTCEP, IETME is easier to use first off but DLTCEP is more stable and probably less hassle in the long run.


Photoshop is your friend for creating new area graphics though programs such as THE GIMP (free online) and Paintshop are cheaper.


Lastly but by no means least get Weidu if you want to be able to distribute your mod. It will also make your mod compatible with most other mods out there and keeps all your changes in one nice package (instead of you having to remember every file you changed and placed in the override).


And finally enjoy!

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WeiDU will be useful for just the items, too - you can make a very simple .tp2 file to get them into the game. And then, yeah, CLUA them in or add them to a store or something.


Areas are pretty tricky, so I will leave it to more experienced area people to comment...

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Thanks for the help so far.


Dowloaded DLTCEP, IETME, WeiDU, Near Infinity, and a buch of other random programs that are needed for tutorials that I've read.


I still need to know what size is good for a bitmap of the area I'm adding, and also where I can download the IE creature editor.

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Use NI or DLTCEP instead of Creature Editor.


As for the bitmaps, it depends on the size of the area you are making... Using IETME, it will automatically create the TIS, MOS and BMPs from the master file you use.

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for the bit map size it HAS TO be a multiple of 64 in height and width. 64 pixels wide and high. to a max of 80 x 60 so that is 5120 pixels wide and 3840 tall. However there is a problem getting the max sixe (80x60) to work in the game so just use 79x 59. :p

so a small interior room could be 7x8 or something and a big dungeon or exterior could be 56x 60 or what ever


long winded reply but....

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I don't know of any particular tutorials for creating creatures in DLTCEP or NI, but it should be pretty straightforward. One thing you could do is look at some existing .cre files in either of the tools, so you'll understand the gist of it.


Still the easiest way to create your creature, however, is to start a Multi-Player game, make the character, change it to whatever you like (stats, items, race...) and export it. Then use NI or DLTCEP to make a .cre file out of the exported chr-file. Ghreyfain has quite a good tutorial on this (as well as adding dialogue etc), which you can look at over here.

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Thanks for the help.


Do you know if the creator of Cromwells Smithy has a forum?


If not, the problem is that if I try to make an item, and check the silver, cold steel, or magical 'flags' check box, and save the item, it comes up with a window that says "runtime error 6" and crashes. Sometime, when loading an internal item, it comes up with "runtime error 5" and crashes. Am I missing something, or is that normal? It's probably something stupid, but it has me stumped.

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