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Spelling, Clerical errors etc for version 11


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I've find a couple more Xan typos.


Xan to to the Mayor of Nashkell.


"I am Xan of Evereskan Greycloaks"


Needs the.


Something Xan says in his romance, in the second conversation after the discovery that Charname is a child of Bhaal.


"Of course, there is a minor matter of our countless enemies and my own inevasible doom, but you know all about it already, don't you?"


Should inevasible be inevitable?

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Or perhaps:


But I reckon I'll be broke if I can't walk where and when I want, so I'll keep step wi' ye this time.


Kagain is basically a pretty dull character so I tried to have him say his bits interestingly.  Sometimes, I overreached.

Ah, that clears it up. I had no idea how dull Kagain was; this is my first time with him, and his default lines seem to be all tired grumbling or about money. Not a lot to work with!


Found a couple other typos. (I hope this is from the NPC project - I've never seen Rashel before, and I don't know what other mod she could be from.)


Rashel: *Rashel's face lits up with pride* The Song of the Morning is the name of our temple [...]


Should be "lights up". And, in the same speech:


Rashel: The sheep are more easily watched there, preventing theft and raiding beasts from ravaging them. It give us some keep some control over expeditions into the ruins and to prevents expansion of Beregost.


Possible revision: "It allows us to keep some control over expeditions into the ruins and prevent the expansion of Beregost."


I like the character. She makes the area seem much more alive.

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Guest KittyCrack

Here's a couple of minor problems I found in the Coran romance- the one's I can remember off the top of my head:

In the 'a rogue's life is not a long one' LT, and the PC chooses 'even an elven one?' Coran says something (sorry, can't remember exactly) along the lines of: " ...we may even end up dyeing together..." when it should be 'dying' instead of 'dyeing'.

In some of the dialogues there were references to the PC's class, but it had my PC's class as a ranger when she was really a monk. In LT14 where Coran brings the PC a helmet filled with water to reflect the moon, the PC can make reference to it being her helmet or another party member's depending on her class, my PC got both to choose from. I don't think that is meant to happen is it?

In one of the later stage PC-initiated flirts, where the PC and Coran sit on the grass together and PC has the option of tickling his neck with a dandelion etc, the last two options are identical (something about "...lips as sweet as honey..."), but judging from Coran's responses, the last option should be different.


And I'm sorry for being so long-winded!

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Rashel: The sheep are more easily watched there, preventing theft and raiding beasts from ravaging them. It give us some keep some control over expeditions into the ruins and to prevents expansion of Beregost.


Yep, Rashel is a Coran's Quest character, but I gave her more dialogue to make her work as scenery character as well. And well, I must have been having a temporary fit of revising uncapability to forget to cut out the wrong pieces of dialogue. :D


Thank you, guys for reporting.

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Midway through a Kagain and Branwen banter about motivations for fighting:


Branwen: Bah! Tempus will not be serve a mere utensil. One worships with striving, daring and pain.


Looks like there's a missing word or something in there.


I like the way Kagain blows her off - "Cripes! You're loopy even for a tall one." :D

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I ran into a minor error at the archeological dig. The second-in-command (who's name I forget ... sorry) asked me to help him off the leader, and Ajantis chimed in with his disapproval. All well and good, except that the NPC said "Hey, I was talking to him" even though Charname is female.

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Awesome work guys! This a real holiday treat


I just finished my thesis (...finally), and now v11 is out with the phase III material included. :O It doesn't get any better than this. I'd be happy to proof some material for the latest release if you guys still need assistance. I plan to play the hell out of this game over christmas so I'll try to keep a running log of any spelling/grammar errrors I encounter :)


Excellent job once again


-Black Elk


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Awsome :) Always good to have another pair of eyes on the job.


Congrats on your thesis, and good to see you back. If you are still kicking around the ideas on that druid/ranger thinggy we've discussed earlier, you can always give me a shout. :O

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Shar Teel typos



What do you want form me? A Dragon’s head?



Interest 14 talk, first block

Cut it out, you, crazy witch of a woman

I think this should only have one comma.



You tell the trut.h




... the head of a local bandit gang loosely associated with Chill.

The Chill



Lucky for you that your reflexes are still in tact




You are like an orcish arrowhead with hooks. I keep feeling you inside me, and I' m afraid to pull it out.



Shar-Teel comments when Kagain joins the party

Now, keep talking like that, and I'd be tempted to check the truth of this maxima for myself.



Shar-Teel banter with Garrick

Watch your step careful.



Shar-Teel banter with Khalid.

You should have been an herbalist.

A herbalist


Shar-teel banter with Xan

I simply recognize that no amount of will shall be enough to overcome the insurmountable odds, laid against us.


Either will or shall is fine, but not both.

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Hey, thank you.


Are you sure about "a herbalist"? When I try to pronounce it, it just does not sound right.


Also, I think that in the last one, "will" is actually a noun, and the subject, while "shall" is a verb. It does not look very good so I guess, I will need to look on it and see if there is a suitable substitute for will.

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