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errors with some Tutu Tweaks features


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I just a complete reinstall of both games and Tutu/Tutu enhancements and I'm getting some errors with Tutu Tweaks.


First, here's my setup, and the order of installation:


Baldur's Gate/ToSC - patch BGTalesUS5512 (note: BG1 DVD version of the game)

Shadows of Amn/ToB - patch BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_ENGLISH

Tutufix v15

Tutusounds v4

BG1NPC v11

TutuGUI v15

Tutu Tweaks v16

1pp v2 (One Pixel Productions Paper Doll and Item Graphics Fix)


Now, some of the errors I got during installation (and they are features I do want) were


Gems and Potions Require Identification

Force All Dialogue to Pause

Sellable Staffs, Clubs, and Slings (Icelus)

Unlimited Ammo Stacks

Unlimited Jewelry and Gem Stacks

Unlimited Potion Stacks

Unlimited Scroll Stacks


So I had to select No for these. There were several other errors as well (can't remember what they were).


During my first attempt at installing Tutufix I got a message stating that the installation had failed because some components could not be installed. The message instructed me to close Windows and retry. I restarted my computer, tried installing Tutufix again, and it installed fine.


Just checking to make sure this won't mess anything up: Can I simply rerun TutuTweaks after restarting my computer? I.e., maybe Windows needed to be closed and reopened, as with Tutufix? Can Tutufix be rerun as many times as one wishes after it is installed, making only the changes one specifies? Or would I have to reinstall everything all over again (ugh)?

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Let me just make sure I follow--TutuFix crashed the first time you tried to install. After a reboot, it installed fine. Later when you tried to install Tutu Tweaks, it reported errors on some components. This is correct? And if so, could you send me the setup-tutu_tweaks.debug file?


TutuFix and Tutu Tweaks are WeiDU mods, which mean they can be installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled as needed without requiring a full reinstall of the game.

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Well, neither Tutufix or Tutu Tweaks crashed per se. The files ran but there were errors marked in red text, and then at least with Tutufix I got the message I described above to close Windows and retry.


So having closed and reopened Windows once for Tutufix I wondered if the same thing needed to be done for Tutu Tweaks. Accordngly, I just ran Tutu Tweaks again. I found I was able to install all the features I wanted but for unlimited potion stacks. (Not that I care that much about that.) Everything else took.


I've been having some slight bugginess on my computer recently, ostensibly due to the way my antivirus and firewall programs have been running. So perhaps that factored in? Not sure, I'm not all that computer savvy.


I'll see about sending you the debug log. Thanks!

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