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IWD2 ITM 2.0 Info


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ITM 2.0


Flags: Bit 11 - In BG2 bit 11 indicated the item had intelligence and could be spoken with via a 2DA-assigned dialog file. In IWD2 this bit prevents an item from being placed into carryable containers such as bags of holding, gem bags, scroll cases or potion bags. This bit is almost always set on quest-related items. I found this out after filling two or three characters with items I couldn't stuff into a bag of holding, until I turned off this bit.


From what I can tell, items still get removed properly from inside containers if so-and-so is taking an item they requested you to find or whatever, and even keys seem to properly disappear, provided doors are properly flagged.

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I edited my first post for clarity. Here's some further info after a bit more testing in regard to your question.


Flags: Bit 0 prevents the item from being sold in stores, and prevents the item from disappearing if left on the ground for long periods of time. Bit 11 adds further functionality by preventing the item from being placed into a carryable container, but is an option, not a requirement, for quest items.


Bit 11 was apparently added for one or all of three reasons I can think of:


1. Help players know what quest items they had by keeping them out of carryable containers and in the easily viewable backpack area of inventory.


2. Prevent the bug that occured in BG2 with keys not disappearing properly when stored in a carryable container at the time the player opened a door requiring such a key. (This bug seems to be fixed in IWD2.)


3. Enhance performance by removing the overhead of searching carryable containers for quest items, which are the items most often checked in scripts.



Also item-related but pertaining to STO 9.0 files in IWD2:


Sale Item > Item Flag> Bit 3 = set to 1 if item has a Lore requirement, otherwise set to 0. This bit is set automatically when an item is sold to, or placed into, the store/container.

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