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Bug with the romances?


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I believe I may have a bug with the romances. :D


I have Xan, Ajantis and Coran in my group, as well as Imoen and Jaheira. I've been playing for over 20 hours, all my stats are OK for Xan and Coran (though I realised too late Ajantis doesn't really like Thieves), from time to time they speak to me - but each time, instead of getting the lovetalks mentioned in the Romance Guide, I just get the same choice of flirts as when I force-talk them - as I say, I believe this is a bug, but could someone let me know whether this IS a bug, and if so, why it might be happening? :D

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That's not it. Her scripts are there because she has the timers going.


What most likely had happened is that when you have installed/reinstalled or something like that the Flirt option ended up top of the J file, instead of being on the bottom. Start with unisntalling it.


Check that the PID menues stopped appearing (ie not hanging on the files due to multipole installs/cirrupted back up).


Uninstall the rest of the mod.


Reinstall it again, making sure that the PID option is compiled the last.

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Yes very lucky! :D Thank you :D


I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the mod, and now I am getting the love talks at the appropriate times - although I am also getting them when I force talk them... instead of the "flirt" options, which is a bit odd, but infinately better than before, as the romance is much more realistic this way, now that they're actually saying things! I'm hoping that it is just that I am getting all the talks I missed, and once I have had those it will settle down. I shall probably play again and do another romance later, and maybe starting a new game will help.


THanks :D

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