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Blackuard kit


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It's a new kit which you can see in warrior kitlist.. It's Antipaladin, fallen paladin or something else..


BLACKGUARD: description



- He gains backstab multipler at levels, 1-7 lvl: 1x; 8-16lvl: 2x; 17+lvl: 3x

- He can use once per day an ability 'Hide', which works like a thief abbility. Blackuard gain invisibility for 4 rounds.

- He can use once per day an ability 'Lay on hands', which is bad version of Paladin ability. It inflict 2 damage per Blackguard level.

- He gain abilities Protection for good and Detect good per 4 levels

- At 7 level he can use ability 'Inflict disease' (spell whith blind or deaf enemy), which works like a level 3 cleric spell

- At 9 level he can use ability 'Slay living', which works like a level 5 cleric spell

- At 11 level he can use ability 'Death spell', which works like a level 6 mage spell

- At 14 level he can use ability 'Gate', which works like a level 7 cleric spell



- Can't cast normal cleric spells

- Can't use normal paladin abilities

- Gain penalty -1 to all saves

- Can gain only specialisation (2 points) on any weapon

- He can attach only evil alignment


What do you think about it?

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This topic has come up several times. The main points to note are:


- If you code it as a Paladin kit then it will Fall and lose abilities.

- You can then make it un-Fall by script, but you regain use of daily abilities even if you had used them. So this is not an optimal solution.

- If you make it a Fighter kit (the other reasonable option) you lose the Turning and Spellcasting buttons, which are things I ideally would like the kit to have.


I actually coded a Blackguard similar to the one you proposed a while ago but don't remember where I put it. I think I was hoping at the time someone would figure out a way around Falling, but...

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I don't know about 2E, but in 3E the Blackguard casts spells from a spell list. It is only the NWN interpretation which resorts to innate abilities, and they did that with their Prestige Classes because of engine issues.

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But kit is so good...


Off course you can edit/change it.


And the last.. can he got a bad cleric stronghold? Or all evil warrior PC with wisdom higher than 14? What do you think about it? Because Da'rniese stronghold is so stupid for baaaad warrior... And for Blackuargd especially..

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I suggested, a long time ago on a forum far, far away, that Wes' Anti-Paladin should get the Temple of Talos stronghold instead of the de'Arnise Keep. He said he thought it was a great idea and that he would put it on his to-do list. I don't think he ever got around to implementing it, though. :)

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