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Weapon Proficiency improves AC?


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I am a Fighter who has studied the Staff so extensively that it obeys my every whim, almost an extension of my own body. I can beat the living crap out of anybody with it in no time at all. So why, given that the Staff is a very useful item for blocking and parrying the strokes of an opponent's melee weapon, do I have exactly the same defensive skills with a Staff as some Level 1 Mage who has never even picked one up before?


I'm wondering if this (or something like this) can be done:

Proficiency: -1 AC vs. Slashing & Piercing

Specialization: additional -1 AC vs. Blunt

Mastery: additional -1 AC vs. Missiles

High Mastery: additional -1 AC vs. Slashing & Piercing

Grandmastery: additional -1 AC vs. Blunt


This would apply only to melee weapons, and not all of them would be affected the same way: The AC modifiers should be based off the size of the weapon, since there's no way you're going to block an incoming arrow with your Dagger, and a person with a 2-handed weapon should recieve roughly the same bonuses as someone who's dual-wielding.



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Unless you're packing a shield, or 1-handed style specialisation, I don't think any fighters get AC bonuses for their weapons. While a staff is great for parrying, so's a longsword, or a dagger if you know how to use it. And while you might be able to deflect arrows with a staff, I don't think it would be that much harder to do with a dagger and it would be just as easy to do with a sword.


If you could have a defensive style specialisation, I'd be happy to see those bonuses apply to any weapon, but I don't think staves are that much of a superior weapon.


EDIT: And then I read the post more closely.... :)


Yes, it's a good idea, if you could get some kind of defensive proficency made up to cover those abilities. Although it's not like fighters lack too badly for AC compared to mages and others now.

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I don't think it is possible to code.

Poopie. :)



Isn't arrow damage piercing damage or are you suggesting that you also dodge arrows with the staff?

Arrows use Missile damage. And you couldn't really dodge arrows with a staff any differently than you'd dodge them without a staff, unless you're pole-vaulting away from them or something. I was referring to the way that staves, spears, and long swords can concievably be used to knock arrows and crossbow bolts out of the air before they get to you--a trick that could not really be done with a dagger, since it's much more difficult to get the other end of a dagger moving fast enough. I should note that it's practically impossible to knock a Bullet out of the air, although you can block them if you're using something like an Axe.


Although, considering the speed at which missile weapons travel (except perhaps the thrown ones? Hmm), it would probably make more sense to postpone the -1 AC vs. Missiles until actual Grandmastery. But still, if Andyr says it can't be done, then that's pretty much that. Still fun to natter about it though.



Yes, it's a good idea, if you could get some kind of defensive proficency made up to cover those abilities. Although it's not like fighters lack too badly for AC compared to mages and others now.

True, I just like the benefits of increased weapon specialization--the Fighter could use a little something to make him more unique, more able to hold his own against the Multiclasses. Besides, when you learn how to use a weapon, the #1 thing you study is how to defend yourself using that weapon. If the only component in the study of fencing is how to stab somebody, the class would be over in an afternoon.

"You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?"

"Naturally. I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain."

"Naturally. You must expect me to attack with Cappapera!"

"Naturally. But I find that Tybalt casts aside Cappapera. Don't you?"

"Naturally! Unless the enemy has'a studied his Agrippa!" *stunt double* "Which I have."

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"I'm not left-handed either" :)


It's a pity that some of the old PnP Parrying rules weren't incorporated into SoA... there were several versions, depending on which book you read, but I remember the 2nd Ed Complete Fighter's Handbook having some specialised parry options just for fighters.

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