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Adding Creature Animations...

Brave Sir Garrick

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does anyone know how to go about using the "infinite animation" trick?


Know it? Yes.

Be bothered to explain it? No.


Not satisfied with that? Ok...


The easiest approach is to bug Galc to include whatever you want in the Bestial Animation mod.


Still not satisfied? Ok...


Basically, at 0x22 in the .itm header struct is an animation code.

You can fill this field with anything (within reason, alpha-numeric characters are good, other characters probably aren't).

This field corresponds to the weapon naming scheme, e.g. MC (Mace) corresponds to the xxxxxMC animations.

So, blank out an original animation,

Create a new item, with an animation code which doesn't currently exist (e.g. AA).

Create the new animation, named to match the animation you blanked, wielding the weapon code you added (e.g. CDMB2AA or some such).


So, whenever a creature using the blanked animation is displayed, it will be invisible (because the main animation bam is blank), but its 'weapon' will show (i.e. the new animation we put in). By making creatures using the blanked animation wield different weapons, you can make them appear as different creatures.


You should make sure the animations line up with the selection circle, and creating/converting the animations to .bam files, with the correct sequences and names is a pain. And death animations won't show (the weapon is not visible when death animations are played, and since the new animation is contained in the weapon, it's not visible).



There was a problem relating to the weapon animations not showing up when the original blanked-out creature was spell-casting, but I think this was solved by using other animation slots as the base anim (I seem to recall the skeleton mage shows the weapon while casting).



So there you go. Easy!

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