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Imoen with blue hair portrait?

Guest Aramus

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Hi folks

I'M looking for a edited portrait of imoen with blue hair. I had one but I accidentally deleted it. Now I'm trying to find this one again. I think there was one located here, but i'm unable to find it. has it been removed or was there never one?

Or if anyone knows where it could be(guess there aren't many blue haired imoens on the internet)could you tell me please?



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If someone knows where the HellKitty collection is, I'm guessing there was at least one blue-haired Imoen in there, since it seemed to feature a lot of "NPCs with clothing and hair color changes."


(also, am I the only one who keeps seeing this thread and envisioning Imoen as the proverbial "blue-haired little old lady"?)

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