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is this kind of far along?


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Gee, Penara, THAT was GREAT! :):O About what you sayed at that blasted Aerie-Theme! Kiss ya! :7up: I decided not to post there anymore, for I'm afraid Master JPS will get irritated with my fanatical shouting and throw me out, but it was a pleasure to read what you were saying there! I personally think, as Haer'Dalis doesn't care much about "somebody said something about me", it's good that women, surrounding him, can stand for his good name. This MOD is for us! :)


Of course, Haer'Dalis have never even seen Skie, I was talking about Eldoth. And I sincerely hope Kish will not post any somebody's ill fantasies about Haer'Dalis on the very Haer'Dalis' forum, it sounds too wrong. *giggle* and starting a conversation about my murdering Aeire in front of Dalis, they should probably read my last post about it one more time. :D In those situations I described, Dalis really will not care too much, I count everything before casting Berserker's Rage. :O


Hi, Minarvia, a pleasure to stand with you in this little battles! :) Arrrggghhh! I'm already impatient! Uggghh! :D:););)

Oh, by the way! *hands over a big nicely looking sandwich* Here you go, Montaron've just finished roasting. Niiiiice smell! :D

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*Takes a big bite of sandwich* Ummm! Thanks, Kania! Always a pleasure standing with you! Staying away from the preaching over on the Aerie fantasy thing. Get somebody a lecturn, already! Hee hee!

Anyway, still hoping for a release in the not-too-distant future and hoping TOB will come out with SOA. That usually doesn't seem to happen with mods, tho. SOA usually comes out first and we all hope that TOB will even be really completed. It would be a nice Xmas present! A little mistletoe and Dalis...(tho you know I REALLY mean Eddie!) but I would have to seriously check out Dalis!!!

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Aye, aye, I would be happier than the moon dancing with the stars for just the SOA version.... In fact, I would be so irrationaly exhuberant that I would probrably light a bonfire in the woods, sacrifice a goat to the Great Gaming Gods of Yore*tm, and dance through the trees, drunk with my joy!

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