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Poison Resistance Modifier


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#173 (0xad) Stat: Poison Resistance Modifier [173]

    Parameter #1: Statistic Modifier

    Parameter #2: Type


    Applies the modifier value specified by the 'Statistic Modifier'

    field in the style specified by the 'Type' field.


    Known values for 'Type' are:

    0  Cumulative Modifier -> Resistance = Resistance + 'Statistic

    Modifier' value

    1  Flat Value Modifier -> Resistance = 'Statistic Modifier'


    2  Percentage Modifier -> Resistance = (Resistance * 'Statistic

    Modifier' value) / 100


This effect appears to be broken in BG2: this sets poison resistance to value regardless of the type setting. The cumulative modifier and percentage modifier type settings do not work. All types settings lock resistance at value.


Can someone else verify this? If so, then the IESDP should be updated to save modders some time and aggravation (I wasted a good bit o' time with this effect).




a Wounded Lion

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