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Effect #293 and aifast.itm


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Somewhere recently I read that you need one or other of these to keep the AI running when the cre is 'offscreen'. I tried aifast.itm on a fighter .cre and it didn't work; so I looked at effect #293. Apart from the instructions on the DLTCEP screen to set the constant to 1, I guessed the the effect needed to be applied to 'Myself' and needed to be 100%-100%. Again, it appeared to fail to do what I expected i.e. call the rest of the gang out of the fog-of-war and into the fight.


Would anyone have any idea where I've gone wrong?



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You need 0-100 for the percentages, not 100-100.


IIRC, the scripts assigned to the creature to do not run, until the player moves within visual range of the creature. Once this has happened, the scripts assigned to the creature will always run (within reason - stun, death, and a masterarea swap willstop them).


If that's not the behaviour you're seeing... *shrugs*

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