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Paladin Remix

Aragorn II

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I might as well mention this here as well....


I have my own ideas for rebalancing Paladins (not that any of them will be implemented any time soon, but they're still decent ideas), most of them making the various kits deviate more from the original class, and weakening them a tad (especially the Cavalier) so as not to leave the unkitted Paladin crying in the dust. What I'm curious about is other modders' reactions to the concept of allowing pureclass Paladins (and Rangers, and Barbarians) to put three proficiency points in a weapon, to help even out the power imbalance that currently sets trueclass Paladins a rung or two below the kits, and the various Warrior Multiclasses.

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What's the ingame effect of 3 stars rather than 2? The extra point is +1 damage or something, isn't it? That'd probably not be too much of a bonus. Could work, I suppose.

Well, I'd be smoothing out the Weapon Specialization curve as well, so that each proficiency point confers a roughly equivalent amount of bonuses (as compared to, say, going from High Mastery to Grandmastery and getting an entire +1 to ApR). So the 3rd proficiency point would probably either be +1/2 to ApR, or +1 bonuses to THAC0 and Damage. The overall power of all proficiency levels would not change much, just the progression along the line would be more steady.


I just want something meaningful enough to make the Ranger (with +++) be noticeably better in melee than the Stalker (with ++), who is noticeably better in melee than the Archer (with +).

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