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P&P Spell Progression Tables


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I can't help you with any sort of table, but I can tell you that it only adds extra spells i.e. the number of spells you can cast at a certain level, once your character gets to a really high level. I think it's somewhere close to the lvl 20 mark, but I did my testing a while ago so don't know exactly.


I was worried about this component being overpowered, but I found that I liked the subtle difference it made. Really, all it does is give you a bit more choice at higher levels.

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It'd be a good idea for something to add to the ReadMe, thinking about it. I don't remember the exact changes offhand, but as Bursk says it amounts to a few more spell slots at high levels (around 20 and above). I'll see if I can dig up a table somewhere.

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Spell tables for mages is the same up to character level 20; after that it progresses to 9 spells of level 1-7 and 8 level 8 and 9 spells at character level 40.


Priest table is the same through level 21; at level 40 you end up with 13 spells of level 1-3, 12 spells of level 4 and 5, and 11 spells of level 6 and 7.


Bard table is the same through level 20; bards can learn level 7 spells starting at level 25 and eventually end up with 7 spells of levels 1-4, 6 spells of level 5 and 6, and 3 level 7 spells at level 40.


I'll add the tables to the next version's readme.

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