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I assume that summong familiars results in an instantly created global effect (generated by the familiar's script) that prevents any further familiars from being summoned. What I want to know is how can I find the familiars script to disable this option, or if a global trigger is not the cause, how to disable the function in its entirety. So, yes, I want multiple familiars.


I tried searching through the entire BCS databse, but there's nothing obvious "Like FAMQUAS or FAMPSEUDO" that differentiates familiar scripts, and I couldn't find any key words to point out the scripts for me (IE, I looked up "more than one familiar" and only got a display string from the tutorial section of SOA).

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A quick check in NI results in the following:


None of the Familiar cre's have scripts.

The only place the cre's DV is mentioned is in baldur.bcs


I think the one familiar thing is hardcoded, the fact that it is only for the PC tends to lean in that direction also.


You could get around it I suppose by instituting some kind of henchmen type spell that summons duplicates of the relevant familiar. I think there was a thread around once upon a time about creating henchmen (non-joinable npc's that would follow you from area to area but not actually be in the party).

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Interesting. I could have guessed as much from not having any NI results. However, what about the bonuses for HP granted by the familiars? I could create a spell that mimics "Find Familiar" a second time, summoning a familiar not really flagged as such, but I also want the HP bonus as well as the HP and -1 constitution penalty incured whenever a familiar dies.

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That part could easily be instituted via script.


As far as I know the biggest problem you will have is creating an effective script for moving the new Familiar(s) to new area's as the party moves without losing them permanently.


I don't know how. There doesn't appear to be an spell referencing such bonuses, which is why I was hoping for a familiar script to adapt the spell name from.

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