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Kivan - Kelsey


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JC had seen/Okay'd those, but if he wants to do any changes later on etc, I have no problems with it. Equally, I don't mind any and all grammar corrections if we let through something anti-grammarian :)





















Ki: I do not like that men join <CHARNAME> out of curiosity. It is not a sufficient motivation for an alliance.

Ke: But you are wrong! Haven’t you heard the old prunes drone on and on about how it moves people and nations?

Ki: It certainly moves you.

Ke: Oh, no, in some matters I prefer to be as incurious as possible, because I know that my answers will not be pleasant.

Ki: And are you successful in avoiding asking such questions?

Ke: Mostly not. And when I am, others ask them in my stead.

Ki: I have noticed that same thing.

Ke: Do you still think that I shouldn't have introduced myself to <CHARNAME> and got hired?

Ki: Shall I spare you the answer?

No, do not recoil. I do not trust easily, and I need to know more of you before I can judge how steadfast you are.

Ke: I've heard that you deserted <CHARNAME> in Baldur's Gate, and then changed your mind and came back. Are you apt to pass a judgment on the reliability of others? What gives you the right?

Ki: Wariness.


Ke: Yours is a tragic story, they say, Kivan.

Ki: Leave me be; I tire of people making small talk about my past.

Ke: I can understand that. What of true sympathy? Do you tire of that too?

Ki: Yes.

Ke: Well, do something less exhausting then, for example crawl into your hiding hole. It should be easy, seeing how stealth is your forte.

Ki: Whatever is that supposed to mean?

Ke: It means what it means. Friendship can't be rammed down one's throat.


Ke: An elf with a bow, and a sword, and a spear. Have you stepped out of a book, Kivan?

Ki: Tales lie, but they are not without reason.

Ke: I've heard that your kin favors bows and longswords out of fear.

Ki: Poisons and concealed daggers are cowards' weapons.

Ke: Well, they say you want to have it both ways: to look noble, and to keep enemies at a distance, since sudden death in a melee can cut you off your afterlife.

Ki: This is true, but a man in the back can fall to an arrow as easily as a man in the front line. As you are well aware, I am sure.

Ke: Too aware, if you ask me. But if not for the reach, why do you carry these weapons?

Ki: I was trained with them, and they are convenient.


Ki: Tell me, Kelsey, why do you wizards take to wearing robes on the road, away from your towers and libraries?

Ke: Well, the official answer would be that they don't restrict casting movements.

Ki: There is more practical attire that allows that.

Ke: Like your own breeches and jerkin? Ah, but there is nowhere there to embroider arcane symbols, and make pockets for spell components and the like.

Ki: Say what you will, but your bright garb flapping in the wind makes you an easy target.

Ke: The Art requires us to sacrifice. And, there is an unofficial answer, besides.

Ki: Which is?

Ke: Wearing robes, my elven friend, does wonders to a man's virility.


//TOB, after Amkethran/


Ke: Tethyr, Calimshan... I am starting to feel that I'm traveling with a merchant caravan again.

Ki: Is our expedition any different than the ones you went on in your trading days?

Ke: For one we had wagons of goods to worry about, not just a pack on your back.

Ki: That sounds cumbersome.

Ke: Maybe, but I don't relish moonlighting as a packhorse. Then again, <CHARNAME>'s venture is the most profitable trade that I've tried so far.

Ki: More dangerous too, I wager.

Ke: Every self-respecting merchant knows that high risks yield greater rewards. Well, we’ve rested enough. Giddy up, Kivan, giddy up.

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