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Thug Kit Idea


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THUG: The Thug is a thief who uses brute strength and intimidation rather stealth and cunning. They are a class of brawlers, half-wits, henchmen and drunks.



- +1 to Hit and +1 to damage with all weapons.

- +1 HP per level.

- The Thug may give himself over to a drunken frenzy once every five levels (starting at level one with one use). Once drunk, the Thug gains a +2 bonus to strength, an extra attack per round, +15 HP, and protection from holding, stunning, mind-altering and fear spells. While in this frenzied state, the Thug also recieves a -2 penalty to AC.

- May place two proficiency slots in any weapon a thief can use.



- Only recieves 15% thieving skill points per level.

- -2 penalty to Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma.

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Raising a Thief's CON above 16 does indeed have no real effect (except for the possibility of a bonus to poison saves). If you were somehow able to grant the Thug access to the fighter CON bonuses though, it would. If not, a flat bonus of +15 HP during rage would probably do as well, being potentially greater than the benefit a low CON thief would get, but less than a high CON thief would.

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Not convinced you need those stat penalties to be so severe, though. I'd say a severe reduction to thieving skills and a slight penalty to one or two stats is enough of a hamstring, considering what thief kits like the assasin and bounty hunter get in exchange for a dock to their abilities.

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