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Healer kit (Druid)


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That's a pretty broad area for people to start laying down ideas.


Assuming that this healer is for the priest class, you could add an additional amount of healing spells as innate abilities or increase the strength of the healing spells they cast. then you could counterbalance that by restricting them from taking certain offensive spells, or from certain weapons.

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Yep. Add extra dice to their healing spells depending on level perhaps? Some kind of Lay on Hands?


Incidently, giving them the ability to create healing potions. That would be very useful. The strength depending on level or lore.

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But it must be a Druid. My version of kit sounds like that:




Can't be evil.



- Once per day he can use 'Nature touch', which cure 2D8 +1/level hp, heals poison, disease, paralyse, feeblemind, level draining, and also give to the creature minor regeneration ability 1hp/round for 10 rounds.

- At 7 level, he can cast 'Cure serious wounds'

- At 9 level he can cast 'Mass cure'

- At 11 level ge can cast 'Heal'

- At 14 level he can cast 'Regeneration'



- -1 to thaco, damage, AC

- -1 hp per level

- Can't shapeshift


What do you think about him?

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OK, the nature's regeneration thing is fairly powerful as a cure-all spell, but doesn't give all that many HPs (max of 46 at level 20) and the fact that it cures such a wide range of stuff means you might use it not to your greatest advantage (like curing poison over level drain)... I'm kind of up in the air on that one, it would be super-overpowered in BGI, but it's just quite good for BGII. :down:

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It's a kit for my BG2 NPC...


Touch of Nature isn't too powerful. It's primary is healing many bad effects (heh.. poisons, level draining and other's.)


But I've don't writed bad effects of that ability. In next 4 rounds druid is tired, and got 5% chance to uncoscious for 2 rounds.

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The disadvantages are a point in its favour and they do reduce the spell's effectiveness in a continuing battle. It is still superior in than the standard Restoration spells in that it doesn't make the fatigue permanent until rested. Perhaps you could add something to the spell that makes that happen if the spell actually cures a level drain.

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Interesting... assuming it could be implemented, it would put them down near mages in terms of hitting power, relying on spells for damage output, but they would still be able to have quite a lot of HPs. Could be worth playtesting with those.

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