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Too many banters

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I've been playing through with Kivan, seems I've received a banter about taking Kivan to Rasheman about six times. I know Minsc has head wounds but ...


I can't give too much detail about it but I have a good many other mods installed and have mostly been questing about in chapter 2.

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Guys, in both cases the Globals are properly closed on both banters and both banters have high Weights. My guess is that you installed something after Kivan, that prompts Minsc or Aerie to Interact() and those scripted banters ended up lower in the food chain than Kivan's non-scripted, so when theirs script calls for the banter they catch up Kiv's again and again and again. Myself, I use Interact() in one case only, and for Anomen. Interact() is evil, I tell ya.


To shut off the particular banters that repeat for you, reset the following variables:


for Aerie:




for Minsc:




both are LOCALS variables, so if you do it from the CLUA, please, make sure, that Aerie's or Minsc's portrait is selected and "flashing" when you enter the variable.

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