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Cam the Diviner


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Hey guys... since Cam has already seen tomorrow, I suggest we all hit him up for lottery numbers.


Oh, and Cam... just to add to the fun of jetlag, don't forget that tonight, the time changes... again. :D

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Ugh. I'm already at hour 26 'cuz I couldn't sleep on the plane. I wanna start working on the bug fixes for CR, but I know in my current state it would mean I would have twice as many bugs for the next version. :D


The time changes tonight?!? Gawddammititall!

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Yeah... I don't know who decided to have half the world change it one week and the other half the next, but it can be quite confusing. When I was in chat last week, and everyone who was in Europe was talking about the change being last Sunday, I thought--oops, I'd better set mine ahead just in case. So, basically, I got up an hour too early and lost an hour of sleep. Looks like I get to do it again today. Sux.

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