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Dummy files

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In engine there is a lot of files that are never used, corrupted or missing (iplot0*.itm, progtes?.bif) and if I understand well you are replacing them with some blank files. I think that much better solution would be remove these references directly from chitin.key. Game would work faster (because in chitin.key would be less number of files and override would not became so big and seeking in folder with many files is slow).


Once I did a similar application but I lost it when my hdd burnt. But recreation is not so difficult.

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Key file is well documented and it is only list of used resources. But if we are talking about few files (hundreds) it is not really necessary to care about.


But if you change your mind I'd be glad to help with clearing resource tree.

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I think you are too much afraid of playing with chitin.key. It is well documented and I see no risk. I would say that crash game with buggy spell file is much more easier.


devSin: I trust WeiDU because I made a application with same function and results were same.

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I know you don't like editing chitin.key but as it is bug I post it:

biff indexes 138 and 155 should be deleted as they are duplicities of data\stores.bif and they have both 1 dummy store file (without name, without type).

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