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Complete BG2 Tweak Pack List

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I originally put this list together for my own convenience, but since it's probably helpful for others I've decided to post it :D.


Colour key:


Green - Fix

Blue - Tweak/addition

Red - Cheat


Ashes of Embers (current version v19)


- Universal weapons for all classes

- 7 added kits

- Human multi-classes

- Added Armour (Scale Mail, Banded Mail, and Field Plate)

- Two tweaked spells (Ironskin and Stoneskin)

- Wizard Slayer enhancement


CamDawg's Tweak Pack (current version v1.0.1)


- SoA world map fixes

- Weapon animation tweaks (spears, staves, and short swords)

- Imeon avatar change (from thief to mage)

- Valen/Solaufein style interjections (distance no longer matters for NPC interjections)

- Viconia skin color change

- Force all dialogue to pause

- Change magically created weapons to zero weight


Clear Fog of War (current version v1)


(Grants a clear view of the current area)


Cleric Remix (current version v0.8.1)


- Cleric Remix (fixes existing priest spells, adds new priest spells, restricts the spell spheres available to standard clerics & the original three cleric kits (ala pnp), alters cleric spell progression to match that of pnp & completely revises the original three cleric kits)

- Disable TDD/BP Kits

- Silverstar of Selûne

- Nightcloak of Shar

- Add Nightcloak of Shar Kit to Viconia

- Battleguard of Tempus

- Add Battleguard of Tempus Kit to Branwen


Ease-of-Use (current version v26)


- Infinite weapon and potion stacking

- Infinite weapon and ootion stacking (ToB)

- Multi-class grand mastery

- True grand mastery

- Shut up "you must gather your party ..."

- Faster chapter 1&2 cut-scenes & dreams

- Wear magical armor AND magic rings

- Un-nerfed THAC0 table, saving throws, grand-mastery, and arcane & divine spell progression (brings them all in line with pnp)

- XP cap remover

- Multi-player kick out patch

- Invisible cloak of mirroring animation

- Bottomless Bag of Holding

- Multiple strongholds

- Bonus merchants

- Keep Drizzt's loot, disable Malchor Harpell

- No Drow avatars on party In Underdark

- Imoen ToB dialogue fix

- Shapeshifter rebalancing

- Female Edwina

- Romance: bug Fixes

- Romance: ignore race/gender

- Romance: multiple NPCs concurrently

- Romance: multiple NPCs concurrently, say anything

- Happy: NPCs won't fight each other or leave

- Low reputation store discount

- No traps or locks


Idobek's Tweak Pack (current version v3.1)


- Two-handed bastard swords for SoA

- Two-handed bastard swords for ToB

- Two-handed katanas for SoA

- Two-handed katanas for ToB

- Universal clubs for SoA

- Universal clubs for ToB

- Weapon styles for all

- Delay high level abilities

- Level 20 experience point cap

- Level 30 experience point cap

- Identify all items

- Remove helmet animations


igi's Tweakpack (current version v2)


- No exclusion schools

- 0 XP task awards - lock picking

- 0 XP task awards - trap disarming

- 0 XP task awards - spell scribing

- Restored Maze spell


Kit Anomen (current version v0.3)


(Gives LG Anomen Cleric of Helm kit & CN Anomen Berserker kit)


Oversight (current version v3)


- Alignment correction (fixes ~700 creatures' alignments)

- Class tweaks/fixes (changes creatures with weird/inappropriate classes)

- Tougher Sendai

- Altered spells (Charm Animals, Know Alignment & Comet)

- Improved continuity (corrects the soundset for Irenicus in his final appearance & prevents Saemon Havarian from returning in ToB if he has died in SoA)

- Cleric kits (corrects alignment restrictions, lets cleric/rangers be recognized as clerics & lets Monks chose between the fighter stronghold and the appropriate cleric stronghold)

- Monk high level abilities (gives Monks their own, brand new set)

- Holy Liberator kit


Restored Drow innates (current version v1)


(Gives Drow Globe of Darkness, Faerie Fire & Dancing Lights)


Rogue Rebalancing (current version v3.11)


- Dual-wield fix and rogue shop (lets Bards & Thieves assigns three points in two weapon fighting style, fixes specialization bugs with certain multi-classes, and adds a new store to the Shadow Thief main hall)

- Thief kit & high level ability revisions (rebalanes Bounty Hunters and Swashbucklers & adds a new generic Thief HLA)

- Bard kit & high level ability revisions (rebalanes all Bard kits based on pnp incarnations & revises generic Bard songs HLAs)

- Chosen of Cyric encounter

- Shadow Thief Improvements (makes the Shadow Thief guild and Shadow Thief allies in chapter 6 much tougher)

- Elven Charm/Sleep resistance fix

- Quicker Startout tweak (shortens chapter 2 cutscenes)


Sim Ding0's Tweakpack (current version v8)


- Enhanced Goodberries

- Corrected summoned Demon behaviour (Baatezu and Tanar'ri will attack each other, etc)

- Corrected Demon animations (makes their appearance consistent throughout SoA & ToB)

- Reintroduce Dimension Door

- Tweaked weapon enchantments

- Additional racial enemies

- Summoning limit removal

- PnP Celestial Fury

- Holy symbol fix

- Kill Cespenar


Spell 50 (current version v6)


(Extends a number of priest, druid and mage spell effects to level 50)


Virtue (current version v12)


(Splits reputation system into reputation & virtue)

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I've gone through and colour coded everything, with my reasoning being thus:


Green = Fix. Bug fixes, corrected oversights, better implementation of 2nd Edition pnp rules, etc.

Blue = Tweak/addition. Rule changes not in-line with 2nd Edition pnp rules, cosmetic improvements, items of personal convience / preference, brand new additions to the game, etc.

Red = Cheat. Pretty self explanatory.


If you disagree with the category I've placed anything in, please let me know :D. Once that's sorted out, I can post this list on other forums :D.

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