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Another tentative lovetalk...


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During a momentary lull in your travels, you see that Delainy is hanging back from the rest of the group. Her attention is focused on her hands, her fingers splayed open, palms pointed to the ground.


"Blue?" she murmurs, "maybe pink? "


She suddenly raises her head, and her cheeks slowly blush as she notices your attention.


Delainy stammers, "Um, sorry mainchar, I didn't mean to fall behind."


Option 1:

"What about yellow?"


Option 2:

Lay your hand on hers, and slowly turn hers around and ask, "Is there something wrong with your hands Delainy?"


Option 3:

"Everything okay? I heard you mumble something about blue and pink."


Option 4:

"Well, at least you recognize your carelessness. Don't let it happen again."


Option 5:

"That's fine, just be careful."


If Option 1, then go to A.

If Option 2, then go to B.

If Option 3, then go to C.

If Option 4, then go to D.

If Option 5, then go to E.




Delainy's face winces as she says, "Yellow? That would be even worse than pink."


Then she chuckles as she says, "Sorry, mainchar. I don't mean to be so cryptic. I was just giving some consideration to how my nails would look if they were painted. Yellow...is almost as bad as pink though."


She grins, "When I change, the colors of my nails would stay the same. Could you imagine a werewolf slashing with bright pink claws?"


Go to F.




Delainy's cheeks almost burn as you lay your hand on hers, but she doesn't recoil from your touch. A long time passes, and then she reluctantly removes her appendage from yours.


Hesitantly, she says, "Everything is alright MainChar. There is nothing wrong with me. I...I..."


Delainy seems embarrassed as she continues, "I was just wondering what my nails would look like if they were painted."


Go to F.




Delainy's reddens slightly, but she says, "Nothing, not really. It was just an idle thought."


Go to F.




Delainy's face contorts with anger, "Carlessness?"


The werewolf stops, taking a deep breath, and resumes her place, muttering, "Maybe you are right. Even a wolf can suffer from distraction, but you don't need to act as if you have never been careless."

(End talk)




Delainy smiles, "Your words are wise, but nothing I haven't heard before. Still, even a wolf can be distracted).

(End talk.)




Delainy pauses, and says, "You see, especially when I was on my own, I had to be very careful in what I did, what I said, how I looked. You know how most people react when someone is a werewolf. Most people don't really notice the small stuff, but some do...and those are the ones who go grabbing for the silver."


She sighs, "It's still hard for me to say home instead of den, for example. Anyways, I guess I was just wondering if I should do it, color my nails, to try and fit in better."


She shrugs, "Or maybe not. It was hard for me to grasp females did it just to try and attract a male. As if the color of their claws spoke of their fitness as a mate."


Option 6:

"I don't even know why you are considering this! You are fine as you are. You...don't have to hide what you are from me.."


Option 7:

"Delainy, I think you are trying to see too much into this. Sure, some people, as you say, do it to try and attract attention, but not all of them."


Option 8:

"Well, I don't know whether you should or shouldn't. Ifguess I never gave it a second thought."


Option 9:

"Um, Delainy, do you think we could talk of something else? This is stuff...I...well, it's not something I wish to discuss."


If Option 6, then go to G.

If Option 7, then go to H.

If Option 8, then go to I.

If Option 9, then go to J.




Delainy's eyes open wide in astonishment by what you just said, but her gentle smile shows that it is a pleasant surprise.


She leans in, and gives your hand a gentle squeeze, and simply says, "Thank you."

(End dialogue)




Delainy considers what you say for a few minutes, then shrugs, "Maybe it is as you say, but I don't know."


She chuckles, "But if it is meant to attract a mate, it is still better than bathing in the blood of your courter's foe."

(End dialogue)




Delainy sighs, "Neither do I. I just don't want to take a mis-step. Now that I am part of your pack...group...well, your people take a dim view of those who harbor...monsters."

(End dialogue)




Delainy shrugs, "As you will MainChar."

(End dialogue)

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Lovely Bri! :D I like the way this shows Delainy's vulnerability and her struggle with either being herself or changing in order to fit in.


it is still better than bathing in the blood of your courter's foe."
I could be just being picky but courter's sounds awkward to me, maybe 'suitor's foe' or something similar but less formal than what I just suggested.
Ifguess I never gave it a second thought."

Should be "I guess."


Hmm.. I suppose that a werewolf with shiny, scarlet claws would seem just a bit too gruesome! :D

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As usual, looking wonderful, Bri. I, too, love the way you've captured the inner conflict of Delainy's upbringing and very heritage versus her attempts to make herself as unobstrusive as possible.


It was hard for me to grasp females did it just to try and attract a male.



This could be worded slightly better..something like "It was hard for me to grasp the idea that females would do such a thing just to try and attract a mate." Just a nit-picky thing; as a whole, it's beautiful. :D

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