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IWD2: v9.1 fields

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I was wondering if anyone knows anything about these "Unknown fields":


Offset 0x052 is documented as "Unknown weat" by ielister (weather?) This takes values from "00 00h" to "0a 00h" (1 to 10 I think).


Offset 0x054 is also an "Unknown", but I haven't seen it documented anywhere. I can tell by looking at the values that this must be 2 one-byte fields. The first field is always less than the second and the difference is less than about 6. The values range from 2 to 20. They both seem to go up with "chapter" except that a lot of them are zeros.


I tried plugging a few different values into some area but didn't notice any immediate differences.

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Avenger calls 0x52 "Unknown weather," but everyone else says "unknown." In Baldur's Gate titles, I don't think it's ever anything other than 0.


I don't know 0x54 (without the adjacent fields; don't want to launch NI and too lazy to check IESDP, sorry). It could be a 4 byte bit field (if it comes before or after one), but I'm having trouble visualizing the ARE header right now.


I always say I'm too lazy to do something right before I do it. :-\


IESDP says 0x54 is actors offset (correct); maybe you mean 0x90? In area definitions created by the BioWare toolset, 0x54 should always be 0x11c.

I don't know how this may have changed for ID2, however (if it's completely different like CRE, or if they kept it fairly similar).

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