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Question re Xan romance


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First of all can I express my gratitude, admiration, respect and awe to those who made this incredible enhancement. :party::band::)


I'd like to try out the Xan romance :) - he makes me crack up, and nasty surprises are my thing. To balance out the party using an NPC I haven't already used far too many times I want to use Ajantis. Obviously my character meets Ajantis way before she is going to meet Xan. How do I deal with this without getting involved in romance with Ajantis?

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You have a number of options:


1) A fancy challenge between the males. If you get Coran, Ajantis and Xan all in your party, depending on the timing of the romances, you might see a three-challenge competition for the males to win your heart. During this challenge you can pick whichever contender you like the best any time.


2) Simply pick an option from the Player-Initiated talks that you'd like to stay "just friends" with Ajantis as soon as it becomes available.


3) If you don't have Coran, a small dialogue pops up to ask your PC if you would like to continue romance either Ajantis or Xan if their romances are more or less "in parallel".


4) You can break off one of the romances even in the advanced stage and try to restore your relationship with another guy.


Obviously, the gentle let down right away is the most risk-free option, because sometimes the timers and the timing might just play crazy jokes on you and all our build-in safe-guards fail. On the other hand, if you let it run in parallel for a bit, who knows, you might like Ajantis so much, that you'd decide to stick with the knightly lover this time round. :)

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This looks wonderful. I'd love to see what happens with all three - get a flavour of them before I "commit" as it were. It will add a lot of extra enjoyment to my playing this time around - thanks sooooo much to the team. :)

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You are welcome. ;) If nasty surprises are your thing, perhaps you'll eventually want to continue to BG2...


I'll be taking this character through to BG2 alright. I've played both games numerous times ... but never as a good cleric (or a druid). I fully intend to have a long rummage round your site before heading off to BG2 as you've added so much pleasure to my replay of BG1. And I've got a lady druid all ready to chat up a poor unsuspecting Coran so I can start all over again :rolleyes:

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Guest Guest

The information on the mod says Xan will romance an elven female - does this refer to both half-elves and pure elves or only pure elves??

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Half-elves and pure elves both, but half-elves should expect... let's say, nasty surprises that pure elves encounter only in BG2, half-elves endure in BG1. So personally I'd recommend pure elves.

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Guest wanderon
The information on the mod says Xan will romance an elven female - does this refer to both half-elves and pure elves or only pure elves??




Heres the situation - I am starting a "no reload" campaign attempting to play through the entire trilogy without reloading. I chose the Xan romance becuase it can be continued in BG2 . Since I am attempting to maximize my BG1-NPC experience by having all the new quest folk in my party (Kivan (archer), Garrick (skald), Xan and probably Coran later) and also taking Imoen and Jahiera along for story continuity the half-elf offers a few more class options that might fit with this party.


Without getting into any severe spoilishness are these surprises nasty enough to have dire effects on the "no reload" attempt? :rolleyes:


(Enough so that postponing them until BG2 might be in my best interests?)


I currently have two characters started - a pure elf barbarian and a half-elf shapeshifter - using Easy Tutu.

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Ahhh...I see well perhaps that will allow my half-elf shapeshifter the chance to sleep around with someone else in BG2 then...:rolleyes:


I have decided to abandon the "no reload" challenge and concentrate on getting the most out of the games as I work to complete the entire series again with this character...;)

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Guest berelinde

There's another way to discontinue a relationship, I believe, but I don't know if it works on Ajantis.


I've got a half-elf cleric, Xan and Ajantis in the party. I picked up Ajantis first, but not all that long in real time before Xan. I really had thought Ajantis more her type, but to be quite honest, the early Xan content was a bit more erotic, so I was letting it run to see where it went.


Well, the Ajantis romance went commited and now the PC-initiated dialog options are reset to ordinary party dialog options. Which is OK with me. I'll run an elven PC next time and get the full Xan experience.

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Oh, that's a default for all romances, of course. Once one goes commited, others stop. What I was describing are the "safeguards" for people who'd like to target a particular romance, not to let it unfold "naturally". Natural relationship development is my idea-fix of course, but I feel that to do it properly, there has to be much more to each character than we have in BG1/2 as a standard char dev pack, so that a Player is not puniched by content withdrawl for breaking up with a character.

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