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I know this idea may come under some heavy fire, but: Has anyone thought of making a Drizzt romance mod?


Unless, of course, there's one out there I have not found as of yet...

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There are two mods that introduce Drizzt in the game as a joinable NPCs, one is Region of Terror on ShS and another is on BWL, which is basically the same thing, only for BG1. In both cases, Drizzt comes with obligatory Cattie in tow.


There is a reason why he comes loaded with Cattie though, since if it's not Cattie, it's Alustriel, and re-writing the whole canon, as you've noted yourself, is not exactly something that will solicit a lot of simpathy. Drizzt loves Cattie is something that Salvatore postulated for the time-window in which BG takes place iirc. Plus, Drizzt being a very high-level character, and *the* hero of the Realms is not exactly an easy to fit in the party.


So, it is better to write a romance some other noble drow, such as Solaufein, or someone entirely new. However, well, to be honest, the noble drow are sort of guilty pleasures of the Realm (if not an outright target for "Not another Mary-Sue" loathing or simple "not another bloody drow!), in that there are so many of them, and they are all so annoyingly Drizzt-like and have those angsty backstories about how they all just fled Menzzo or Ust-Natha unable to stand the perversities of the drow society and how the world just does not understand and persecutes poor barefoot them.


In other words, you will have plenty of factors against the idea, and pretty much none in favor that you've listed.

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Well, the way it feels to me,PC who joins Drizzt's party for an independent adventure works, but is weird, 'cause PC has urgent things to do; Drizzt joining PC's party is much too awkward. Two parties working side by side in BG2, Drizzt helping in both BG1 and BG2 as a cameo worked for me. But Drizzt recruited by PC, downgraded to the party's level and artificially removed from his own story-line, is sort of not Drizzt really, but a dime-a-dozen drow character with a wrong name tag. So whichever way you throw the dice, Drizzt's mods are just not my cup of tea. I'd much rather see another version of Solaufein which makes him a drow.

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Well, usually modders try to avoid developping the same theme, since we'd like to be relatively orginal :rolleyes: So, there will be no more male drow romanceable by a female PC released atm. However, on PC romances a striking elven character front, there are an exotic elf form other world with tragic background, Tsujatha, and the home-grown elves Xan and Kivan. A non-romanceable female drow with friendship sequence a-la Drizzt is Yazraena.

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Being a big fan of Drizzt and the BG series as well as alot of other people I know(15)to be exact would love to romance and or have Drizzt in there party.Would in fact play BG 1 or 2 again just for that reason.....(Sorry) just a rant there.


I do have a question though?which is ( on a lot of forums that I am a member of and keep track of)every one complains about there being to many Drow.But as far as I know its Just Solaufein and Zyrena?(not sure how to spell)where are all the others?


Darn I sure wish I knew how to mod so I could make my own..Modders are so cool....

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Yazraena, I believe. There is also Ginafae, a 1 day NPC. That's in addition to the in-game Viconia. Which gives you a grand total of 4 joinable drow. That's not counting 2 mods that let you add Drizzt himself into the party.


In the world where Drow are extremely rare it is a high number. In addition, the writing for dorw usually stagnates around the "typical" drow issues (racial intolerance, the story of how they got to the surface, tid-bits of drow language). Because the range is so narrow and the race is so exotic, the drow characters appear repetitive and to be honest a tad inappealing to develop (to do what has been done).


Imagine that you one day went to school, and in your class of 25 there was suddenly a guy from Island of Pitkern (a tiny island I once heard of). It would have been wow! that he ended up in your particular school. Now, imagine that there were 2, 3 or 5 of them in the same class, all of them individually and accidentally ending up there. That's a tad of a "what a strange coincedence!". I experience the same feeling when someone announces another drow to develop.


Plus, it is a tough competition against both a well-established BioWARE character and a super-popular romance mod for a narrow "racial" niche.

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Not if it was a school on Norfolk island. :rolleyes: :




To spare you the trip:


In 1790, the mutineers of HMAV Bounty and their Tahitian companions, some of whom may have been kidnapped from Tahiti, settled on the island and set fire to the Bounty. The wreck is still visible underwater in Bounty Bay. Although the settlers were able to survive by farming and fishing, the initial period of settlement was marked by serious tensions among the settlers. Alcoholism, murder, disease and other ills took the lives of most mutineers and Tahitian men. John Adams and Ned Young turned to the Scriptures using the ship's Bible as their guide for a new and peaceful society. The Pitcairners converted to Christianity. (The Pitcairners would later convert to Adventism after a successful Adventist mission in the 1890s.) When the British found Pitcairn again in 1814, they were impressed with the emerging society and the example of leadership given by Adams. Because of this, it was decided not to arrest him for mutiny.


The island became a British colony in 1838. By the mid 1850s the Pitcairn community was outgrowing the island and its leaders appealed to the British government for assistance. They were offered Norfolk Island and on 3 May 1856, the entire community of 193 people set sail for Norfolk on board the Morayshire, arriving on 8 June after a miserable five-week trip. But after eighteen months on Norfolk, seventeen of the Pitcairners returned to their home island; five years later another twenty-seven did the same.


Anyway Drow are overdone and overrated. Let' see how Andyr's planewalker turns out.

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