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Tutu and 3D acceleration


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I'm installing Tutu on a new computer and it occured to me that I've never tried BG2's 3D acceleration. But I see that adding Tutu's water degreenifier takes up an additional 1.5 G of disk space. I have plenty of room. But if the 3D acceleration doesn't add much I won't bother. Does 3D acceleration really add anything to the graphics?

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It helps my computer deal with rain/spells/cutscenes, ambient sound processing, but I use EasyTutu and the ETT version of the DeGreenifyer (which i believe uses considerably less space, but i could be wrong). It does seem to have nicer, softer shadows. Overall, though, if space is a problem, I played for years without it and never minded a bit.

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Okay thanks much, I will try it out then. When I tried to use the game's (surely outdated) "3D acceleration setup" I don't think it completed. But if I have the 3D acceleration box checked my video card should sort it all out, right? (NVIDIA e-GeForce 7800 GTX KO ACS3 Ed.)


I'm actually having some trouble installing the Easy Tutu Degreenifier as well as Tutu Tweaks, but I posted on that in the Tutu Tweaks forum

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I use a NVidia chipset, and find that if I have troubles, force-setting most settings to the middle works fine. I have never been able to update the Open-GL drivers; on the highest AA settings, etc, you can actually see the lines between tiles, so in this case less=more. It did take some messing with settings to get everything right. I will be home around 12 noon CST, and will post my settings here for you a few minutes after that!


Unfortunately, at work I can access G3 but not PPG, so I will not be able to take a look at the PPG post until then. That's ok -- Macready will probably have you all set up by then :rolleyes: .

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Sorry, a little late:

NVidia GeForce FX5500, usually works on application controlled settings. The few reinstalls I have had trouble with, I have set the following manually to clear it up:

TrueColor, 1024x768 AA 2xQ, AIso 2x., Image HQ, VSynch off, and most of the rest (except buffering) off.


I then check the following in BGConfig:

HARDWARE: use 3D accel

GRAPHICS:DISPLAY: unlock modes, 1024x768, 32 bit, fullscreen

GRAPHICS:2D & 3D OPTIONS: 3D anim, 3D accel (Default OpenGL Driver), 32 bit textures; uncheck disable vertex padding.


One reminder. Browse to your BaldursGateTutu directory, and double-click on the BGConfig.exe found there. Otherwise, you are not setting up the Tutu installation config.


Hope this helps!

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I think I like the 800x600 resolution best, because it makes the character BAMs and portraits biggest. To me, body-morphically, they look fuller that way. To my eye the characters all look slightly skinnier when the resolution is set at 1024x768 and higher. With a good graphics card I find the difference in overall rendering quality to be negligible at 800x600 vs. the higher res settings. But as I say, mainly, I prefer having the characters appear as large as possible on the screen.


I didn't have to tweak anything with the graphics card, it all looks pretty good. I'm not seeing a very noticeable difference with 3D accelaration yet, but perhaps it will be more evident with some of the spell effects.

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