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romance help please!

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ummm...I may just be an idiot here or something like that but here we go...Everything in the Kivan mod work perfectly for me. Ran though it once without doing the romance at all. Now I want to play the romance sequence but no matter how long I wait, where I go, or who I have in my party...no romance talks. Any idea what may be wrong? Anything you have to say would be a big help. Thanks.

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To initiate the romance you need to show a few times to the game that you care about Kivan in a more than "I like you as a friend" way. This process is recorded by a Global value P#KivanLove. To initiate the romance, the value has to be 3+ by the time you reach Spellhold. To carry the romance into ToB it has to be 9+.


To get 3 necessary points a player can either follow the "natural" way - by selecting the touchy-feely responces throughout the dialogues or force it through by selecting one simple option in Player-Intitated Dialogues (PID).


The option in PID is worded something like (You really and truly have the feeling for Kivan, but afraid to show them, blah-blah-blah). This option dissappears authomatically when you have enough romantic points to trigger the romance.


The romance triggers by talking to Aphril in Spellhold. If she tells you that Deheriana is dead, Kivan will initiate a romantic sequence after Spellhold.


Kivan's Romance is very sensitive to the other romances running in the game. Basically, if any of the competitor romances, both BioWARE's and modded run to 2, he will probably never initiate teh romance, because his romantic points will hit the rock-bottom.


Having another romance set to "uncommited" sets back his points, but restores them, once you broke up with another character while still in a non-commited relationship.

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Have fun :rolleyes: Well, I wanted it to be a natural process, for a player who plays with a few romanceables, but I hope it is convenient enough for a player who targets the romance as well. ;)

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Every talk that belongs to the Sequence B in the description add an extra point to P#KivanLove along with whatever options that add to P#KivanLove in the non-romantic talks you have not seen before Spellhold.

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Guest AEnemia
Hey Domi,

How long after Spellhold before P#KIVANLOVE goes up?  It was at 5 when I went to Spellhold and it is still at 5 since I returned to the surface.



This may be a bit of a newbie question, but is there an ingame code of some kind I can enter to check the exact P#KIVANLOVE value (and raise it if it's too low?)? I had Kelsey along with me (with intentions of me getting Kivan and letting him have Imoen), and I just finished the fight with Irenicus at Spellhold... But I'm worried I let Kelsey get too far. (He started flirting, but I don't think he's commited.)

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You can check/set Global by either using the ShadowKeepr or via CluaConsole via:


GetGlobal (to check the "P#KivanLove","GLOBAL") SetGlobal (to set "P#KivanLove","GLOBAL") command. If Kelsey is in RomanceActive = 1, then once you shut down his romance you'll have a few points back in P#KivanLove. If he went to commital (RA=2), then you'll need to nerf the P#KivanLove.

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