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A dumb and desperate question!


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Hi! Well, you can't imagine how thankful I am! Baldur's Gate NPC project is a marvelous mod. I just finished BG and I enjoyed every single moment. So thank you very much (to all of the team).

My question is for Domi, will it be possible to have a Dynaheir romance for BG2? I don't know if this has been asked before, and I know how much time you modders have to spend in modding, this without talking about the bunch of people (may be including you) that would start complaining about a Dynaheir romance for BG2, but what you wrote for BG really touched my soul. Dynaheir was always one of my favourite characters, she is (was?) so exotic, so powerful, and her quest (to help her out of Gnoll fortress) was very epic... it was very disgusting to see her dead in BG2 and with your mod, I can romance her! It's fantastic, but sadly, everything finish with BG.

The cutscene is great, the lovetalks are fantastic, the stories she tell you are very interesting, and you can feel that she cares for you (even if she is very serious)...The lovetalk when you wake up and she cast a spell on you to forget what she says...I almost drop a tear!

So, could it be possible? I have an idea of how to bring her back without altering the story very much, there are some minor dialogs that would need to be changed, and with the idea of how returning her back, you won't need to make a Bodhi's abduction.

Well, thank you in advance. And if you are not planning to make the mod, it's ok, I will replay Bg again and will never finish it, to have her with me :rolleyes:;);)

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I am glad that you liked the romance and wow, am I glad to hear that cutscene does trigger. :rolleyes: I am sorry to dissappoint, but I will not be working on BG2 mod for Dynaheir, both because my interests lie elsewhere and because I very much like BG1 ending, sad as it is. If anything at all comes out of Domi's Romance Workbench in the future it will be for IWD2. ;)


However, thanks to Cmorgan's enthusiasm, there will be an extra Dynaheir bit in the new version of BG1NPC - her quest that has some romance-related content. ;)

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