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Horn of Kazgaroth

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In BGII and in BG1, MISC73.ITM disappears after it's first use; this kind of makes it useless.


I think this was a mistake; since it draws 12 hp each use; it might be argued to give it unlimited uses, but at the very least it should have one use which recharges with resting.

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The item itself has 30 charges and it's gone, permanently, once they're used up. The item itself works fine--the problem is that it's being dumped in the game by import03.2da with one charge instead of 30 as the item file specifies. (If you CLUAConsole an item into the game it also only has 1 charge by default unless you use the charges argument.)


Adding this to ar0602 does the trick just fine:




// horn of kazgaroth should have multiple charges if imported
EXTEND_BOTTOM ~ar0602.bcs~ ~bg2fixpack/baf/ar0602.baf~


Nothing else in the import01, import03 lists require multiple charges so this is the only change needed. One other suggested change would be to make the Horn a quick slot item, like all the other horns:


COPY_EXISTING ~misc73.itm~ ~override~

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Is this necessary? For me, TakeItemListPartyNum() preserves the charges, meaning that the horn appears in Shelf1 with the number of charges it had on import. If the horn has 13 charges when the character starts a new game (the item is sold with only 15 charges in BG/TotSC), then the horn the player finds later will have 13 charges...

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