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Wanted: A Custom Kit

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I am looking for someone to build a not-overpowered, BG2-fitting custom cleric kit for Deheriana-as-a-Starsinger-of-Sehanine, a single-classed priest.


Here is a description I have. Not sure how it can be translated into BG2, but well, it's probably a good start. Looking at the Priest Kits for BG2, they basically get 2 special abilities, which all are casting of a particular spell. Seeing how I want Deheriana to be closer to Divination than Illusion/Phantasm, Oracle and Farsight from the Wizard's spell-list can be good "specials" as alternatives to building custom spells from what the kit description lists.


From: http://www.wzrd.com/home/thyle/Sehanine.htm


Specialty Priests (Starsingers)

  Requirements: Intelligence 9, Wisdom 13

Prime Req.: Intelligence, Wisdom

Alignment: CG

Weapons: Bow, javeelin, quarterstaff, sicklee, sling, staff-sling

Armor: Any

Major Spheres: All, astral, charm, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic, protection, summoning, sun, travelers

Minor Spheres: Numbers, thought, wards

Magical Items: Same as clerics

Req. Profs: Bow, bowyer/fletcher

Bonus Profs: Astrology, navigation



Starsingers must be elves or half-elves.  While most starsingers are moon elves or gold elves, elves and half-elves of every subrace are called to be specialty priests of Sehanine's clergy.

Starsingers are not allowed to multiclass.

Starsingrs receive a +2 bonus to their saving throws vs. death magic.  This bonus improves to a +4 on the night before, during, and after the full moon.  It drops to +0 on the night before, during, and after the newe moon.

On nights before, during, and after the full moon, opponents' saving throws against spells and granted powers emplyed by starsingers suffer a -2 penalty.  On the nights before, during, and after the new moon, this becomes a +2 bonus for the opponent of the starsinger.

Starsingers may cast wizard spells from either the divination school or illusion/phantasm school as defined in the Limited Wizard Spellcasting section of "Appendix 1: Demihuman Priests."  At 1st level, each starsinger must choose one school or the other, and the choice of study is irrevocable thereafter.

Starsingers can cast motes of moonlight (as the 1st-level oruest soekk) or sleep (as the 1st-level wizard spell) once per day.

At 3rd level, starsingers can cast mirror image (as the 2nd-level wizard spell) or infravision (as the 3rd-level wizard spell) once per day.  If latter effect is cast upon an elf or half-elf who naturally possesses infravision, the use of this granted power increases his or her infravision to 120 feet.

At 5th level, starsingers can cast detect spirits or starshine (as the 3rd-level priest spells) once per day.

At 7th level, starsingers can cast commune or moonbeam (as the 5th-level priest spells) once per day.

At 10th level, starsingers can cast dream (as the 5th-level wizard spell) or true seeing (as the 5th-level priest spell) once per day.

At 13th level, starsingers can cast greater spelldream (as the 4th--level wizard speell detailed in the Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume 2) or Presper's moonbow (as the 5th-level spell detailed in Pages from the Mages or the Wizard's Spell Compendium, Volume 3) or vision (as the 7th-level wizard spell) once per day.

At 15th level, starsingers can heal (as the 6th-level priest spell) or gate or holy word (as the 7th-level priest spells) once per day.

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I simply don't know. I don't even have the kit. I wouldn't make it a part of an NPC-exclusive mod, but if the hypothetical author wants to donate it to LOI part that deals with Kits and Nightmare/Andyr want it or if the author wants to include it in a separate kit pack, I don't see why not. But, again, I don't have it, and if nobody will make one, I'll just make Deheriana a generic cleric with a couple of innates.

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It could be shared with Divine Remix, since that mod is desperately short of non-human cleric kits (i.e. it currently has none).


I'll have a go at creating an outline for DR format version of the kit, and once done I'll post it back here for your approval.

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