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Wildmages and BG2 #191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level


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Wildmages are a hardcoded kit for mages and I was looking at their abilities and the only difference from other mages seem to be this:


1/ Percentage chance of a wildsurge each spell cast.


2/ Casting levels vary +/- 5 levels each spell cast


3/ Use of spells "SPWI124 Nahal's Reckless Dweomer", "SPWI222 Chaos Shield*", and "SPWI723 Improved Chaos Shield*"


I played dual/multi-class* wildmages and have noticed that cleric /wildmage also have the wildsurge effect on cleric spell. It's interesting to casting a healing spell on a party member and having them turn into a wolf in the middle of a combat!


I think it may be possible to simulate the entire wildmage kit/class as a single spell like a HLB useing "AP_ = Apply Spell - the SPL is cast on the character." Points 1/ and 3/ above are easy to simulate, using "#280 (0x118) Spell Effect: Wild Magic [280]" and "#147 (0x93) Spell: Learn Spell [147]" and modified versions of those spells (removeing use limitations). However point 2/ is a little more difficult.


What is known about "#191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level Modifier [191]"? If this can change the level at which a spell is cast at, useing it could simulate point 2/ by multiple effects at a varied percentage of chance and the aproprate string text useing "#139 (0x8b) Text: Display String [139]" as the wildmage, you could even the strings already in the dialog.tlk for compatabilty.


Combining all of this in a single "AP_ = Apply Spell - the SPL is cast on the character." using "Permant after death" as the effects timing, this would give you a wildmage that would not requrie a kit slot and could be applied to any spellcaster.


If the this can be done it opens the door to a new kit for all spellcasters both arcane and divine, that being "Chaos",

so if anybody knows more information about "#191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level Modifier" could you please post, as there is little about it in iesdp.


#191 (0xbf) Spell: Casting Level Modifier [191]

    Parameter #1: Undefined

    Parameter #2: Undefined


    The use of this effect is unknown, and effect of its parameters

    are undefined.

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devSin posted in thread "ToB effects"


#191 Casting level mod - Excepting that this effect doesn't appear to do anything to the casting level of spells, if param2 is set to 0, the CASTINGLEVELBONUSMAGE stat gets set to 1; if param2 is 1, CASTINGLEVELBONUSCLERIC gets set to 1.


So P1 appears to do nothing, P2 appears to set mage or cleric. I've read that some effects use P3 in external effects, could this be one of those useing P3 to set the casting level change, has anyone looked into this?


I am not experienced as I would like to be, so I have to ask dumb questions about things I not familar with. An external effect is one that is called by "#177 (0xb1) Use EFF File [177]" and is a file in the override? (eg. LevelBonus.eff)

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