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Removing Opcode protections, or other solutions


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I'm trying to create the spell Anti-Magic Shield. This spell gives the caster immunity to all spells level 1-9(opcode 102), causes 100% spell failure for cleric, mage and innate abilities (opcode 60), as well as dispelling all spell effects currently on the character (opcode 58), giving the character the magic immunity icon (opcode 142), a minor globe animation (opcode 155), and will cause a sound file to play when the effect wears off (opcode 174, delayed timing).


What I would like to do, is make this a spell that will bypass the caster's resistance (consider it a friendly spell), make it undispellable, but still be able to use a new innate ability which will allow the caster to end the spell early. I know how to make the new innate work even with the 100% spell failure (just put it in the casting features, not the extended effects), but I cannot figure out how to remove the various effects of the spell if I make the spell undispellable. Is there a method for removing the opcodes, or are there any other suggestions for how to design this spell so it can remove itself early?

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