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A Werewolf vignette with some Tolkien


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This spell should only be accessible by clerics who have access to the sphere of relationship whopass. Any male onlooker has to make a save -12 or be stunned for an hour and then frightened for a lifetime.

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QUOTE (BigRob @ Apr 22 2004, 01:07 AM)

Spells to make the mightiest hero tremble......  



and the mightest heroine grin evilly...   

A spell like this. :D


Bigby’s **** Slap (Evocation)

Level: 4

Range: 10 yards/level

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Special

Casting time: 4

Area of Effect: One female

Saving Throw: Ne.g.,

A version of the Bigby’s Hand spells (although probably not from Bigby). A quasi-real hand (five feet) comes into existence and smacks the nearest women that the caster commands it to. If the woman knows her place is in the kitchen, the hand only does 1 point of damage as a reminder. However if the woman has complained, whined or not been to the kitchen in three days, the hand instantly grows to the size of a Titan hand (25 feet) and knocks the woman into the nearest kitchen (be it 10 feet or 10000 miles) and forces her to cook a three course meal. If she continuously refuses, the hand will inflict damage on her until she submits (DM’s decision on damage per hit).

The hand has as many hit points as the caster in full health and has an Armor Class of 0.

The material component of the spell is a leather glove.


Ps. This is not my idea all credits should go to author.

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