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[added] Strifeleader


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From the description here under, I do believe you guys can create a 9th clerical kit on par with what you have so far created! Priests of cyric (by the way, the name of the kit is just my invention...) are very much present and such a kit is in my opinion a must in the Divine Remix collection. Please let me know what you think... :)





Cyric (The Dark Sun)

Greater Power of Hades, CE

Portfolio: Murder, strife, lies, intrigue, deception, illusion

Requirements: Wisdom 13, Intelligence 13

Major Spheres: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Summoning, Sun, Weather

Minor Spheres: Divination, Elemental, Protection

Weapons Allowed: All bludgeoning weapons and the long sword (Cyric used a long sword to slay a traitorous halfling)

Armor Allowed: Any

Magical Items Allowed: Same as clerics




Granted Powers

Specialty priests of Cyric may command undead as do clerics, but do so as if they were two levels higher.

Specialty priests of Cyric are immune to fear and other emotion-altering magic. They can still be charmed and are subject to enchantment/charm magic, provided that the spells have no effect on the emotions.

Specialty priests of Cyric at 5th level can summon an aerial servant (as per the spell). This servant will fight for the priest and can act as a magical assassin.

Other Notes

Cyric is the youngest of the gods and potentially one of the most powerful, having a huge horde of followers and worshipers.


Due to his relative youth as a deity, Cyric has very few original followers of his own, though this is changing. Those assassins' guilds are enthusiastic supporters, having been swayed by the arguments of the temples of Cyric.


The "true priests" of Cyric dress simply in black or dark purple robes with hoods. All wear silver bracers on their wrists as a symbol of enslavement to their god. While the Banite custom of facial tattoos is ignored, priests of Cyric paint the symbol of their new god on their cheeks and/ or forehead on high holy days.


As an evil god, Cyric's temples and shrines are openly tolerated only in the most evil or most tolerant of cities. And the other evil gods (Talos, Malar, Shar) are carefully watching this young upstart to see if he succeeds in commanding his godhood or stumbles. If Cyric stumbles, the other gods will certainly be there to pick up the pieces and rob the bodies.

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That's correct, and he has Illusion now after killing Leira. His alignment is also Chaotic Evil, rather than Neutral Evil.


The name of the kit I'd use is Strifeleader--this is what the most devoted priests are called in 3E, though I am not certain about 2E offhand. Something to check.

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