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proficiency opcode (0xe9)


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This opcode doesn't set the proficiency if it is already bigger than the value it would set.

So, the description would be more precise if it is like this:

This opcode can only increase proficiency stat to the value in Parameter1.

Btw, the affected proficiency stats intervallum (parameter2) is from 0x89 to 0xb6 (45 slots).

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So, theoretically, one could go the correct AD&D route, and have separate proficiencies for the various weapons (well, actually, one would probably have to combine a number of polearms into a reasonable number of categories). There are some 60+ all told, but many are not present in the game (hand crossbow, for instance),




Ehrm, I have a question - do the BG1 proficiency spots still work in the BG2 engine, or do only the new style proficiencies work?

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