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Itemize: magic items


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Actually i didn't like the chunky death. It is now a blood splurt and the guy topples over.

The garrote doesn't have any visible animation, the closest thing i could do is the 100% backhand strike with

the hand. And the sling icon i used is also the closest thing i could whip up without drawing (or rather asking for an icon).

The garotte uses dagger proficiency (as it has an almost silent sound) and most likely known by the assassin/thief anyway. I didn't set its usability, because you didn't tell me any :p


You can make small adjustments on any of the stuff if you want, but also you can ask me if you need some changes.


You might want to add tooltips for the bracer into tooltip.2da

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I was wondering if someone could make these two bastard swords for me - I *know* they'd look like munchkin weapons, but there is an absolutely munchkin battle in Sevred Hand and no weapons throughout the game to handle it. I'll make them available through Riki, cost a fortune and only if Rizdaer is in the party.


"Thunder" - Bastard Sword + 5 + 1d10 Electrical damage, 10% chance of Deafening the target, grants user Improved Haste when weilded


"Lightening" - Bastard Sword + 5 + 1d10 Electrical damage, 10% Chance of Blinding the Target, Grants user Immunity to Energy Drain when weilded

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