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A tribute to Steve


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I know many of you may not be as big animal lovers as me here, but I just had to do this.

Steve Erwin, the Crocodial Hunter, was killed on monday while filming a dive in the Great Barrier Reef. He recieved a sting ray barb to the heart and medical help was unable to save him. He was a great man who loved his work. I have looked up to this man for years and have admired the work he has done to help animals. Let us pray for his wife and two young children left behind.

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true...he died doing something he loved. He will be missed dearly. He was a bit of a role modle for me you could say. Since I am in school to be an animal scientist i really looked up to the guy. He did so much for wildlife. He used his show to educate the public, he founded his own zoo, and used a good chunck of his money to buy land for it to be put aside for the wild animals and have no building happen there. It was actually a dream for me to meet him someday...guess that will never happen now. I will go to his zoo one day though, if only to sorta pay my respects for him.

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That really was a shock. Its almost ironic, really that the man was killed by a creature that's generally pretty docile...at least when compared to all the other animals he dealt with.


It really is sad, though, especially for his family.


RIP Steve...Thanks for your good nature and inspiring manner. You'll be missed.

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