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I wanted to give an example of the Half-Ogre, but I could't think of how NPCs would respond to him, so I took the easy way out. :)


Thoguk(true neutral half-ogre barbarian)/Reywind Dialogue


Reywind: How are you feeling, big guy?


Thoguk: Thoguk be strong! No need help from puny human.


Reywind: Yikes. Just asking, you don't need to rip my head off. Sheesh.


Thoguk: Human so weak. Thoguk fight much better than weak human.


Reywind: Yeah, I heard you the first time. Are those the only words in your vocabulary?


Thoguk: Vocab...


Reywid: I refuse to teach you the finer nuances of multi-syllabled words. Hey <Charname>, can you teach this guy what syllables are?

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Well, I need to remember what I had for his bio, but as far as I remember, his father was the Belt Fetish Ogre from BGI, but I might have changed it. A two week trip to Europe followed by a wisdom teeth removal kinda messes with the head a little bit.

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Okay, I've been working a lot recently, and I'm leaving for Canada on Saturday, so I'm probably not going to get the Minsc/Thorguk banter up. However, I have whipped up a Thorguk/Female half-orc NPC/Reywind dialogue.


Thorguk: You pretty, for human-orc.


PC: 1. Thank you.

2. You're not so bad yourself */me shudders*

3. I know, now, step behind me, and try not to show your face, ugly.

4. Yeah, well you still look like a dumb ogre.

5. Who are you?


if 1. Thorguk: ...welcome


if 2. Reywind: Ehh, no. Just, no. Remind me to kill your kids.

Thorguk: Well, me like her.

Reywind: Great. Take it up with her after I leave. Better yet, wait until I die.


if 3. Thorguk: Okay... sorry.

Reywind: C'mon, big guy, you didn't do anything wrong. She's just cranky.


if 4. Reywind: He is pretty dumb, but you don't have to be so blatant about it.

Thorguk: Stop making fun of me!

Reywind: I was sticking up for you, buddy. Blatant means obvious.

Thorguk: Uhh...

Reywind: Nevermind.


if 5. Thorguk: Me Thorguk, your friend!

Reywind: Big, dumb. Can you really not remember bringing this guy along?

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I believe (hope) he's just taking a break, and will be back with us fairly soon.



Great work on those two NPC's... I like them allready.. I can allready immagine the Thogluk/Minsc banter.


Thogluk: "Why human talk to little furry thingy during battle?"


Minsc: "Boo is no ordinary hamster, no sir! He is miniature-gainat space hamster!"


Thogluk: "Uuuuu....what he do?"


Minsc: "Well he knows much and in battle his litle fur stands up nad he hisses. And I tell him to scratch out the eyes of my enemies. Boo point, Minsc kick!"


Thogluk: "Minsc smart. boo smart. Thogluk want to get a Boo too!":)

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Guest Guest

Yeah he and Minsc wold be such a team!!! :)


I really like Reywind to (would he be romacable - that would be fun, maybe develop some doubts about such afterlife)


I hope that guy (stinky ogre) comes back (well it doesn't really seem so)

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Guest Guest_Michael_*

I like the idea of the good necromancer,(and like the dialogue posted so far) especially if over time he starts too lose his good alignmeant and becomes more neutral, or can be kept sternly to the good side(with help from Pc) and maybe develop more defensive/healing magic rather than offensive death magic if he turns neutral.

As long as it isnt the cliche, blatant turn to dark-side.


As for the half-ogre/orc thing He is HALF, so isnt a complete idiot. So he should have some intelligence.

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