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I've been working on the stories for these two, but they're pretty much in the pre-planning stages. I don't really even have names yet. Anyway first:




Neutral Good


Bio: Eddie was part of a group of adventurers who met their doom in an encounter with a dragon. He believes that by raising the dead through necromancy, he can help them finish their last wishes.





True Netural


Bio: Eh, I haven't put much thought into it. He's gonna be a thug pretty much, though he has an opinion, and voices it, although he doesn't quite have the whole "intelligence" thing down yet.

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Eddie's a fairly laid back necromancer. He believes that raising their bodies allows them to gain their last bit of revenge. He's prone to rambling and incoherent sentences. He talks himself into circles. He also has a strong sense of loyalty.

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Oh never mind. I found a post saying that Stinky_Ogre has joined the LoI team.



I think we said that if he/she comes up with a good NPC we'd not be averse to including it, yeah. :rant:

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A possible alternate name for our half-ogre friend: Thoguk. Anything guttural works well for orcs, ogres, goblins etc. I also agree that Eddie needs a name-swap, just because of Edwin (unless you want to make that a big thing for the NPC).


The idea of a good necromancer, so rarely used in stories, interests me a lot. I await further developments.... :rant:

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Maybe a chance for the necromancer to involve himself to much with necromancey? You know, kinda get too into the whole "control over life" thing. Errr...I'm not making too much sense, am I (not too suprising)?


Well...anyone ever play Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne? It would kinda be like the Blood Mages of the Human Alliance. Eddie starts out being a necromancer for a good cause, but then kinda goes wild with it! I dunno...I was just thinking it be sorta neat... :rant: What do you guys think?


Oh...the names...uhhh...should I PM the ideas to you, Stinky_ogre?

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This is a dialogue I wrote between Reywind (The NPC formerly known as Eddie) and Jaheira.


Jaheira: You... necromancer. You are an abomination against nature.


Reywind: Huh? What do you mean?


Jaheira: What do I mean? I mean that you desecrate nature when you bring the dead back to life. No... it's not even life. You manipulate them to achieve your own ends.


Reywind: Hey, keep your greaves on. I don't know what got up your tunic, but I'm not a bad guy. I definately don't manipulate nature. I'm simply fulfilling their lives.


Jaheira: You rob them of the rest they deserve! I hardly call that fulfillment!


Reywind: Hey, do you think they *want* to die? If you haven't noticed, the only people I bring back are those who die on the battlefield. They died fighting. I bring them back to achieve whatever they were fighting for.


Jaheira: Nameless people. You assume that's what they want. Your actions upset the balance itself.


Reywind: Do I speak for them? Tell me, my friends planned to kill a dragon for many years. We finally felt we were strong enough, and attacked. When they died, there was nothing I could do. We had no money, not even in our town. We couldn't afford a priest. My friends were dead forever. All I did was give their bodies a second chance.


Jaheira: You used your friends corpses to pursue your own ends?


Reywind: No. My friends wanted to kill the dragon. I tried to give them a second chance.


Jaheira: And you took the treasure when it died, I suppose.


Reywind: Uh, heh. No, even after I raised them, the dragon was too powerful. I suppose it let me live as a warning, or something. I wonder if I could kill it now. I hear <Charname> has seen his/her fair share of dragons. Think He/She would want to help me?


Jaheira: You're scum.


Reywind: Thanks.


And Tameon, yeah, just PM me the names.

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