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BG2's dialog.tlk tokens


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I'm doing some stuff with tokens and had some tokens list some guy gave me and when I checked the list of tokens in IESDP I saw not all of them match.

I didnt have some iesdp tokens that were listed in my friend's list and i had in my friend's list some that aren't listed in iesdp.

Um... I am getting confused myself now with all these explanation, sorry. But the point is: not all in A is also in B and viceversa.


Tokens that ain't listed in IESDP that I have in my list (they do exist in original tlk file)














If they wouldn't exist in dialog.tlk I would just think my friend's list is wrong, but they do, so now I dont know anymore.


Igi??? Where are thou? :)

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Well, a quick test of putting DisplayStringHead(Myself,~Level <SPELLLEVEL>~) just after casting Magic Missile proved that the Token is not set in normal circumstances.


It appears <WEAPONNAME> also does not get set in scripts.


I think those were used in the Inventory screens. I will continue to test, and see where they do apply. <DAMAGER> and <DAMAGEE> seem like they would be useful script stuff.

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A quick Test:


Actually DOES display above the head the "<DAMAGER> did <AMOUNT> damage to <DAMAGEE>" text that also appears in the text window.


Making my own String of ~<DAMAGER: <AMOUNT>~ Does NOT display

Nor does putting <DAMAGER> into the wounded string.

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Remember that the game engine uses strings from the TLK file too. These are special tags the engine uses when displaying data like combat calculations (automatic or by script action) and character data in the character record page. On the other hand, dialogs use different tags that are designed for what dialog does.

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