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Too much good stuff...


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Grr! You guys are too prolific!


Now I have to figure out my tweaks, and code 'em up as a mini-mod so I can re-apply them after putting the new Fipack and Tweak pack in!


Let's see...

■ Racial speeds {P&P} (Dwarves 6", Halflings and Gnomes 9") as a movement 176 effect, I script in a spell to apply it

■ Racial Armors {P&P} (Dwarf, Small (halfling/gnome), human, Large, Elf for Full plate)

■ Unenchanted armor slows characters {P&P}

■ Healing spells roll dice {P&P}

■ Restore SoA Cloak of Mirroring (that is, a cloak of spell damage reflection)

■ Azuredge color fix (to, like, um, Azure?) & restore anti-undead

■ Class-limited multiple stronghold for dual/multiclass PCs


Well, that's not too long a list... Now i have to figure out how to do this stuff as WeiDU.


Feeling my brain stretching around it right now...


But, really, GRR!!! And, thanks for all the good work!

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