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TP2 Bugs


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AR0811 is an empty crypt, except for some randomly spawned undead. AR0801 is where Lassal and crew, and their coffins, are located. The TP2 is attempting to attach AR0811.BAF to, in my install, a nonexistant AR0811.BCS file. The code block is in the "other scripting fixes" section.


Also, in the 2DA section, my LUABBR.2DA doesn't have bards assigned to anything but LUBA0.2DA, and the various thief kits are assigned to either LUTH0.2DA or LUTH1.2DA. Perhaps you could check that out. (With NI, ignore overrides and look at the files as they are in the BIFs.) The necessary 2DAs are present, they just aren't "hooked" into LUABBR for some reason.

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I believe Smoketest's point is that we should either assign the extra HLA tables to the kits or not patch them unnecessarily. My only defense here is that we followed BD's lead, which does the exact same thing. :)


The ar0801 area script bug is fixed locally, thanks.

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// many spells stack with themselves and should not
COPY_EXISTING ~dgfaith.spl~ ~override~ // armor of faith (abazigal)
		  ~dgright.spl~ ~override~ // righteous magic (abazigal)
		  ~spcl423.spl~ ~override~ // assassin poison weapon ability
		  ~spcl907.spl~ ~override~ // hardiness hla
		  ~spcl913.spl~ ~override~ // evasion hla
		  ~spcl914.spl~ ~override~ // greater evasion hla
		  ~spcl917.spl~ ~override~ // avoid death hla
		  ~spin943.spl~ ~override~ // blur (air mephit)
		  ~sppr111.spl~ ~override~ // armor of faith (priest)
		  ~sppr113.spl~ ~override~ // doom
		  ~sppr210.spl~ ~override~ // resist fire/cold
		  ~sppr306.spl~ ~override~ // protection from fire (priest)
		  ~sppr406.spl~ ~override~ // defensive harmony
		  ~sppr412.spl~ ~override~ // holy power
		  ~sppr513.spl~ ~override~ // righteous magic (priest)
		  ~spwi107.spl~ ~override~ // friends
		  ~spwi201.spl~ ~override~ // blur (wizard)
		  ~spwi319.spl~ ~override~ // protection from fire (wizard)
		  ~spwi320.spl~ ~override~ // protection from cold
		  ~spwi603.spl~ ~override~ // tenser's transformation
		  ~spwi702.spl~ ~override~ // protection from the elements
		  ~spwi703.spl~ ~override~ // projected image

This TP2 block, in the SPELL FIXES section, has some issues.


Nearly all of the listed priest, mage, and HLA spells already have an immunity effect, but with an empty strref (value = 0). This block of code adds a duplicate effect but with a different string. This works most of the time, but is inefficient. You could simply replace the existing strref value if the effect already exists.


Where it doesn't work is the Friends spell, SPWI107.SPL. This spell uses the two effect probabilities to generate four possible durations, as per the description. This block adds a single immunity effect for the shortest possible duration (12 game seconds). Four immunity effects are already present, but with strrefs of 0. This means there can be a time of possibly 18 seconds where the spell is still active and blocking further castings, but no message to that effect will be displayed. (The durations have a randomly determined range of 1d4 + 1 rounds, or 12 to 30 seconds.)


Edit: This block also corrupts SPWI319 and SPWI320. They both have a passive effect sitting outside the ability structures that should be removed before further patching takes place.

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Friends is modified by the Fixpack to actual have the listed duration (1d4 rounds + 1 round/level), hence it creates four copies of the effects w/durations to simulate a 1d4 roll. So yes, our stacking patch needs to account for the variable durations. Otherwise, yeah, I'm not seeing any of the reported issues on my clean, patched ToB install.


Friends has been moved from the general stack patch; the stacking is now handled directly in its already existing patch.

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Now that you mention it, they're probably copied over from the original Baldurdash fixpack. (I remember getting lazy and just copying the files straight over, rather than implementing the fixes myself like I usually do.)


Regardless, other TP2 blocks check for existing structures before making changes, and this one doesn't. So I'm passing on the info.


Overall the TP2 is well done, especially given the number of fixes it implements. I could see areas where WeiDU could use additional high level functions, though, especially when it comes to dealing with CRE spell tables and item/spell effects and abilities. You're having to write a lot of code to perform simple functions.


Edit: I started this post before Camdawg responded, got interrupted in my thoughts several times (it's early morning), and finally posted after he'd already responded. Oops.

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