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Fragile Shar-Teel


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Still having problems killing Shar-Teel before joining her. I tried taking Ajantis's weapons away and turning off AI, but even with AI off, Khalid still killed her before I could stop it. The funny part there was that I forgot to re-equip Ajantis, so he went through half of the Nashkel mines beating kobolds into submission with his fists.


Anyway, here's a link to the thread over on BG1 NPC.




The ultimate solution will probably be a pain, since there are so many things going on here.


For SCS, probably the best thing would be to give her an item like Ajantis has: something in her pre-joining incarnation that compensates her for being 0 level, but is destroyed when she joins.


Sorry for being a nag.

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DavidW, can you toss me your component flagging on this, and I will do the same, so we don't both give her monhp.items and remove them via script at the same time? Thank you!


Edit: OK, nothing to see here... for comfort, we are each flagging the next versions, but there is no problem if both versions are installed. All that happens is Shar-Teel gets two items that make her indestructable, and then get them both removed :mad:.

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