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areatype for Temple of Lathander

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This is just a tiny little thing, hardly even worth mentioning, but I always think it makes the resting animation look funny.


The Temple of Lathander in the Athkatla Temple District is classified as an outdoor area and when you rest there, you see the campfire.


I always imagine the party building a little fire on the platform in front of Acolyte Lara and toasting marshmallows while she is busy herding novices.

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The area's not flagged as outdoors; I believe the campfire rest movie is simply the default. There are three: campfire, dungeon, and the inn one. Offhand, I don't think you can invoke the inn movie unless you're actually staying at an inn--can someone verify if you can get the rest-at-inn movie by resting in a normal area? If so, which one?

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Order of the Radiant Heart (with the BD fix).


I believe that you were supposed to be able to rest at all the strongholds in an unmodified game, but I know the paladin stronghold resting doesn't work without the fix. It's been so long since I played a game that was completely tweak-free that I no longer remember what was on the rest screen.


The planar sphere shows a dungeon, even after fixes and tweaks.


On second thought, this might be more of a tweaks thing, since that seems to change some of the rest screens to more accurately reflect the environment: you get the beds and the mouse at Garren's cabin, at Marella's and Valygar's cabin, at the Order of the Radiant Heart, and in Neb's house. I do not recall trying to sleep anywhere else.

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The Ranger Cabin (ar1107, after you've acquired it as a stronghold) has a 'Can Rest' flag set in the area file and you get the Inn movie. The Lathander temple doesn't have this flag set in its area file; it's added via the area script if you join the temple. Apparently the engine differentiates these flags somehow as it plays the campfire movie instead.

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OK. Script was setting the proper flag, so that was not the issue. However, the area is flagged as City(3) which apparently means campfire movie (don't ask me why). Removing the flag results in the inn movie instead. So our removal of city flags for indoor areas is not complete; the following indoor areas are still flagged as area type city:


ar0406.are - Copper Coronet

ar0509.are - Five Flagons, ground floor

ar0510.are - Five Flagons, theater

ar0511.are - Five Flagons, second floor

ar0513.are - Calbor's Inn, first floor

ar0514.are - Calbor's Inn, second floor

ar0515.are - Calbor's Inn, third floor

ar0522.are - Five Flagons, ground floor (stronghold)

ar0523.are - Five Flagons, theater (stronghold)

ar0901.are - Temple District, Helm temple

ar0902.are - Temple District, Lathander temple

ar0904.are - Temple District, Talos temple

ar0905.are - Temple District, Pimlico's Estate

ar0906.are - Temple District, guarded compound ground floor

ar0907.are - Temple District, guarded compound second floor

ar1002.are - Gov't District, council building

ar5507.are - Saradush, basement entrance to Gromnir's castle

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Very few city houses/rooms/etc. allow resting--the general exceptions seem to be areas with hostiles in them (Raythic's house, Kangaxx, lower levels of the Tanner's home, etc.). Of the above I'd say we need to flag the FF theater (stronghold version), Pimlico's House, and the Guarded Compound as 'can rest'. ar5507 is already flagged as such.

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