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Nabassu Attacking Everything

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I encountered this in the last Ranger stronghold quest and in Suldanesselar. The demon responsible is DEMNAB02.CRE (I'll double check to see if they're both the same creature when I get home.). The Fixpack assigned it a script called SUMTAN.BCS which causes the creature to behave like it was just summoned, and attacking everything in sight.


By the time I crossed the shadow dungeon, it had destroyed most of "Umar's" forces. The same thing happened in Suldanesselar; as soon as Elhan finished speaking and control was returned to me, I saw battle messages about a Nabassu attacking various neutral (because they hadn't seen me yet) NPCs in the area.


I fixed the problem by changing the script to TANARI.BCS. (sp) This isn't a summoned creature in the sense of having been recently summoned by the player or an NPC; instead it is a placed actor and should behave accordingly, not attacking anything until it sees the player's party.

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Hmm, can't edit a post I made from work so here's a new one.


The shade dungeon demon is DEMGLA01.CRE and has no modified scripts, so this must be a bug of some sort. He's only spawned for high level parties, which I'd never seen before because this is the first time I've rushed to get Imoen before doing all quests.


The Suldanesselar demon is as posted above. Both have the same behavior of running around killing everything in their sight even before they've seen one of my party members. They'd happily kill everything on the map if I stood still in one corner.

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