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Duplicated Ilmater Cleric

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The cleric SLILMAT.CRE is duplicated in AR0408.ARE (Slums temple) and AR0703.ARE (Promenade Temple).


AR0703.ARE should specify WILMAT.CRE, who is a complete female NPC with a different dialog and store (WILMAT.STO), all of which are currently unused.


This makes sense also because the priestess talks of taking care of the local children, two of which are in the temple. The little girl in the temple refers to a "Sister Venenna" who takes care of her, and how the priestess is angry with the local merchants (of the Promenade) for not being giving enough. None of this makes sense with the male priest (SLILMAT.CRE) being there.


The filenames also give a clue as to which NPC should be where; W = Waukeen's Promenade , SL = Slums.


Making this change has no effect on the Habib gold coin toss, as BALDUR.BCS only allows that to occur in AR0408 where SLILMAT.CRE already exists.


Also note that SLILMAT.CRE in AR0408 is the only NPC that will accept Yoshimo's heart. Perhaps Bioware duplicated him to make it easier to turn in the heart, but I'd rather see WILMAT used and her dialog expanded to include the quest involving Yoshimo's heart. (Something I'm going to implement locally after this post.)

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I can't edit my post (from the same computer no less) so here goes.


The WILMAT.CRE priestess' CRE name is misspelled, "Priestess of Ilmatar" instead of "Priestess of Ilmater".


SLILMAT.CRE definitely doesn't belong in AR0703. He has extra dialog geared toward Habib's coin toss, and toward the player refusing to give money to the beggar there (in AR0408). There are also no children in AR0408, likewise no beggar or commoner (to comment on the player's heartless attitude if he/she doesn't give to the beggar) in AR0703.


I made the changes locally by copying most of the lines referring to Yoshimo's heart from SLILMAT.DLG to WILMAT.DLG. I did change one line that referred to the priest as "brother" by removing said reference so that it could be used by both NPCs. (You'd probably just tack it on to the end of the TLK file as a new string, but I recycle. I love WeiDU's '!' set existing string option.) In the end I added Yoshimo's heart option to WILMAT.DLG without adding any new strings. Everything works fine with no other changes.


Some might view this as a tweak more than a fix, since SLILMAT.CRE 'works' in AR0703 even though he doesn't really belong there. I call it fixing yet another case of Bioware laziness.

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It's Sister Venenna. Note that one of the strings in her default dialogue doesn't make sense with the PC responses.


The coin toss can occur in Waukeen's. The Habib code in baldur.bcs does absolutely nothing to control Habib; appearance runs from AR0300 or AR0400, and the coin toss is handled entirely by the cleric's script.

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I know her name, and referenced it in the first post. She has four lines by default and they all make sense to me. One of the PC's responses reads strangely, but it's also used as a response to SLILMAT.DLG as well. I changed it locally.


I forgot the bit in BALDUR.BCS was part of the original Baldurdash fixes to avoid stuck items. While it's true that SLILMAT's script controls the coin toss, it doesn't validate his being duplicated when there is obviously another NPC that is supposed to be in AR0703, and the other NPC he's supposed to interact with (ILBEGG01) is only found in AR0408.


I know how Habib works, but I'd forgotten some of the details over the years. My focus was in restoring Sister Venenna so I overlooked some of Habib's details. He's not the important factor here anyway.

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The baldur.bcs stuff is original, but it only controls getting rid of the items Habib forces on the party (the scimitar and gold). The code there doesn't influence when or where he appears (at all, which is why you can run straight to the temple after he throws his scimitar at you, and he'll show up and throw some gold at you).


I admit to not really reading your posts, sorry. "Reads strangely" is probably the string I was talking about.

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I think this is a bug; I agree that wilmat is intended for ar0703. Allowing wilmat to accept Yoshimo's heart is not quite as clear cut, but I think it's a bug as well.


// wrong creature reference in Waukeen Ilmater temple; see soa-dlg.d for changes to wilmat.dlg
COPY_EXISTING ~ar0703.are~ ~override~
 READ_LONG  0x54 "actor_off"
 READ_SHORT 0x58 "actor_num"
 FOR (index = 0; index < actor_num; index = index + 1) BEGIN
READ_ASCII ("%actor_off%" + 0x80 + ("%index%" * 0x110)) "cre_file"
PATCH_IF ("%cre_file%" STRING_COMPARE_CASE "slilmat" = 0) BEGIN
  WRITE_ASCII ("%actor_off%" + 0x80 + ("%index%" * 0x110)) ~wilmat~ #8
  SET "index" = "%actor_num%" // kills loop




// allow waukeen priestess of ilmater to accept Yoshikun's heart; see ar0703.are patch
 IF ~PartyHasItem("miscbu")~ THEN REPLY @143 GOTO CDYoshiHeart

 IF ~~ THEN BEGIN CDYoshiHeart SAY #58238
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #58240 GOTO CDYoshiHeart2
IF ~~ THEN REPLY #58241 GOTO CDYoshiHeart2

 IF ~~ THEN BEGIN CDYoshiHeart2 SAY #58242 = #58243
IF ~~ THEN DO ~TakePartyItem("miscbu")~ GOTO CDYoshiHeart3

 IF ~~ THEN BEGIN CDYoshiHeart3 SAY #58244
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(200000)~ EXIT


@143 is just strref #58237 with 'sister' instead of 'brother'.

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