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Interact() and InitiateDialogNoSet()


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I should already know the answer to this question, but for some reason, I forget.


Whose DV goes in the parenthesis, the actor or the addressee?


Example, it's time for Gavin to talk to Minsc, according to the GlobalTimerExpired, and it's going to come from Gavin's banter tile ~BB!GAVIN~.


The last line of the relevant text block, should it be:






Sorry. As I said, I should know this, but I suffer from CMS (the last two initials stand for memory syndrome, so you can fill in the rest).

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Though, you don't need to script the NPC-NPC banters to trigger from the banter file (BMYNPC) if you don't want to. The game's banter engine will do that for you.


Also only DVs need "" around them. You should not use them with objects such as Myself or Player1 or the engine will look for an actor the has myself for a death variable and you banter will fail to trigger.

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Thanks much! That was the info I needed.


I remembered that I don't need to script most of the banters, but I would like a couple of them to happen a fixed length of time after certain other dialogs (also scripted), that don't quite seem like interjections, so I'm going to need to script them.


I know that if I were planning to draw from the interjection file as opposed to the banter file, I'd be using InitiateDialogNoSet("DV").



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The banter engine doesn't always spit out the banters as quickly as we want them to though, even with the Banter Accelerator installed, so make sure the important ones are scripted.


I had that problem with Auren, so I was just passing on the advice.

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