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.pro target flags at 0x200


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Bits six and seven are documented as controlling targeting for party, neutrals, enemies.


They actually don't reference <CHARNAME> and her five hooligans at all, it's straight up .ids targeting along a GOODCUTOFF/NEUTRAL/EVILCUTOFF divide (I didn't check values of 0 or 124 - lazy cow, sorry)


So an Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting cast by someone below EVILCUTOFF skips over anyone else below EVILCUTOFF, but hits the party just fine - quite unlike using the "Party" target type in an effect.

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Yes, i can confirm, this is EA targeting.

One bit turns the targeting on, the other bit selects between Enemy or Ally.

So there are 3 types:


(first bit is bit 7 (0x80), the second is bit 6 (0x40), as you would write it in a number)

00, 10:affect all (0, 0x80)

01: affect enemies only (0x40)

11: affect allies only (0xc0)

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